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Track Hub upgrade NEEDED - opinions/reccomendations(2 posts)

Track Hub upgrade NEEDED - opinions/reccomendationssuedehead
Jul 30, 2003 10:24 AM
Hello everyone,
my girlfriend and i both have the same type of rear hubs on our fixed gears (how sweet). they are total sh*t, they were dirt cheap (for a reason!)... made by Quando.

Now, i've had mine longer than she's had hers. i've had no problems... but the other day her lockring / cog unthreaded itself which caused her to go flying down a hill completely brakeless and without being able to slow herself down with the pedals. she ended up flipping over a median and onto the other side of the street - luckilly no cars were comming.
she obviously doesnt want this to ever happen again so right now she has a brake on it (im going to try my best to convince her to leave it on when she gets better hubs! hehe)

the mechanic at our LBS fixed it, put some locktight on it, but the entire time was telling us how horrible our hubs are, and that they refuse to carry them because of it.

obviously, you get what you pay for.
neither one of us wants to have another accident like this, it was really scary.
even though my hub hasnt come lose.... YET.

so i just wanted to know what everyone out there is using and how much of a beating it can take.
we like to trackstand and crap too (or at least i like to attempt this)... and we dont want a crappy hub thats going to unscrew on us.

suggestions/reccomendations please!!!
thanks! :)
re: Track Hub upgrade NEEDED - opinions/reccomendationsvictorthewombat
Aug 5, 2003 7:09 AM
This is easy pal

little budget The new Surly

bigger budget and/or you want it to last forever get the Phil double fixed rear its $145 I know, buy it from your LBS they actually have better pricing than the mail order companies because Phil sells direct at a higher cost to encourage you to seek out a good LBS and the mail order cos must meet the pricing on the Phil website.

That aside, this is money well spent. With the double fixed
you can still flip flop w/ a freewheel and the killer Phil lockring is natch.