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Cog questions...(4 posts)

Cog questions...High Rouleur
Jul 22, 2003 5:23 AM
First, did I read once that DA cogs don't fit very well on Suzue basic hubs? Something about the lockring not being able to thread on very far? Does that ring a bell with anyone?
Also, can I run a 16T freewheel and a 14T fixed cog on a flip-flop? I'm assuming it's OK as long as I can make it work with chain length. Thanks in advance.
I remember reading that thread...tamjam
Jul 22, 2003 9:05 AM
Not long ago, scroll down a couple pages or do a search.

At the time, I was building the Soma I just finished and was planning to use a Suzue Promax. I didn't have any personal experience with a DA cog on a Suzue hub, but reading the post you're talking about was enough for me to avoid the combo. I had read elsewhere that an EAI cog with Suntour lockring was a better combo on a Suzue so I ordered that. But I ended up with a Surly hub instead, and still had the EAI cog, which puts my chainline out about 1 or 1.5mm further than I want, so I might get a Surly cog instead.

To answer your second question, most track ends can take up an inch worth of slack, which is 4 teeth, so yes, you should be able to run a 16t and 14t on a flip flop no problem.
I think that was my thread…TFerguson
Jul 22, 2003 3:11 PM
I'm running a basic Suzy on back with DA cog and lock ring. It uses no more than 3 threads of the lock ring. I've looked at the widths, etc. of various cogs and lock rings and there doesn't seem to be much difference unless you go with a Surly. Even with the Surly, the sum of the thicknesses is about the same. I think the data was from Sheldon's site. It could be that some brands are not flat at the lock ring/cog interface and that the lock ring goes into an indentation on the cog. This would make the total thickness less than the sum of the two.

I am building up my new frame with a pair of American Classic track hubs. Although they have other problems, the thickness of the DA lock ring and cog fit fine.

re: Cog questions...snakedust
Jul 23, 2003 5:07 PM
yes you can run a 16 free 14 fixed. i use suzue basic hubs. i use a 16 free with several different fixed cogs depending on what im planning to do.

in answer to the cog problem just leave the lock ring off. iv never used one and iv done lots of fixed gear riding including big hills and racing. many track riders dont bother either!