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interrupters...(4 posts)

Jul 21, 2003 4:10 AM
word of advice for anyone running tektro's as their only brakes....ESPECIALLY if they're only running a front brake.

Replace the fulcrum pin with a bolt, before you HAVE to. Figured that one out during a nice fast decent on Saturday.
re: interrupters...tamjam
Jul 21, 2003 6:10 AM
Thanks for the words of advice SteveO, I'm using a Tektro lever as my only brake. I haven't looked at the lever very closely yet, but is there a particular bolt you have used to replace the pin?

Hope nothing serious happened to you when you learned the hard way.
nothing too seriousSteve_0
Jul 21, 2003 7:10 AM
I was doing about 25 coming down the Ben Franklin Bridge, headed straight for the pedistrian stairway. Applied generous amounts of front brake with little affect (felt equivalent to a rear brake). I run with rear brakes so no big deal. My legs were already fried; If I didnt have a rear, whonows?

Anyhoo, I just dragged my bike into a hardware store and picked at Allen bolts till I found one that fit nice and snug. Sorry I didnt take notice of the size I finally settled on. Anything close should do.
ohhh, by the way...Steve_0
Jul 21, 2003 7:28 AM
the pin, to my knowledge, didn't brake. I think it just rattled off sometime in the last 15 minutes or so.