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Kona Unit(2 posts)

Kona UnitKillerQuads
Jul 7, 2003 2:56 PM

Here is my new Kona Unit single speed. It is not a fixed gear or strictly a road bike, but it does an awesome job exploring trails, gravel roads, city streets, and the urban jungle.

"Platinum" steel frame (18" to the top of the seat tube)
Raceface crankset (34T with outer bash ring)
Shimano freewheel (17T stock, currently running a 16T)
Mavic 26" mountain bike rims
Stock Tioga Red Phoenix tires swapped for Kenda Swiss Army tires
RedLine chain adjusters added (and slightly modified to fit
Riser bar
Avid "V" brakes
Shimano SPD pedals (stock)

The complete stock bike cost $749 (less than some frames). I raised the gearing (I was spinning out at only 21 mph), changed tires (the Swiss Armies have a smoother center ridge for the road and big knobs off-center and to the sides for off road), added chain adjusters for precise chain tension, water bottle, and computer.

This bike is much tougher than your normal road bike and can traverse almost any surface. It is a great urban attack vehicle and can go over pot holes and ruts rather than go around them. The lack of suspension, low gearing, and minimalist weight means it climbs really well. It is not as fast as a road bike, but it is a blast to ride when I head downtown or go exploring in the country. I have seen parts of town I have never seen before.

I got the 18" frame size (center of BB to top of seat tube). The seat tube extends above the angled top tube. From what you can see of the seat post, I could have gotten by with a 19" frame. However, the 18" frame has a longish top tube (23" virtual) and it fits me.
My other single speedKillerQuads
Jul 7, 2003 3:10 PM

Here is my other single speed which is a Van Dessel "Country Road Bob". It is more of a hybrid with road 700c wheels and flat bars. It is geared 44T/18T for the road and is a great commuter bike.