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2003 US Fixed Gear Road Race Championship(3 posts)

2003 US Fixed Gear Road Race ChampionshipFrank Tuesday
Jul 2, 2003 5:58 PM
Ok Folks, I mentioned this a couple months ago. I've done some research and have the course all scoped out. Pass this along to anyone you might think is interested.

Sunday October 5th
Kansas City, MO
NO ENTRY FEE, $0, That's right, free.
Trophies for the top 3

the race will consist of 2 laps of a 20 mile course.
each lap will be approx 12 miles of flat roads, with 2 good climbs (.75 miles each) and a couple of smaller ones. The climbs will hurt and the decents will hurt just as much.

90% of the course (and all of the big hills)is on four lane, divided park roads, with 8 ft shoulders. The remainder is on two lane country roads that see little traffic.

The race is open to all riders on fixed gear bicycles. I'm not setting a limit on gear inches, so if you want to walk up the hills, feel free to ride your 84" beast. Flip flop hubs are allowed, but other shifting mechanisms are not (ie. schlumph dual drive or internal hub). freewheels are not allowed on your flip flop.

Also, there will be a separate category for single speeds. SS are not eligible for the championship.

There will be water stops avaliable and I'll provide at least one support vehicle.

The roads will remain open to automobile traffic. Ride at your own risk.

I'll have a website with the map and elevation soon. Any questions email me at franktuesday(at)
cool, just one thing...desmo
Jul 2, 2003 6:28 PM
move it to Oregon!
you could host it next year (nm)Frank Tuesday
Jul 2, 2003 6:45 PM