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My "hybrid" Fixte/SS:(1 post)

My "hybrid" Fixte/SS:Alexx
Jun 26, 2003 5:27 AM
I built a fixed-gear last year (from the numerous parts, frames, etc. I have), but wasn't happy with the outcome, so last winter, I completely rebuilt it to work on the type of riding available here. Around here we have several canal trails, abandoned canal trails, and rail-to-trail paths and the like, all with next to zero gradient, but with surfaces ranging from paved, well-kept, to fine grave, to plain dirt. My old idea of riding with 28mm tires was good for the pavement, but not the dirt, so I remade my bike. Here are the specs:

Frame: 24" Panasonic touring, Tange Prestige.
Bars: Profile bullhorn bars. Profile stem
Seat: Brooks B72 (old)
Post: Kalloy
Crankset: Shimano 600, 45 tooth Salsa INSIDE ring, 42 tooth 600 OUTSIDE ring
BB: Old Dura-Ace (tapered square, loose bearings)
Rims: Old Arraya
Rear Hub: Suzue flip/flop-16 tooth fixed (Surly), 18 freewheel (Shimano)
Chain: KMC track chain, with half-link (from Harris cyclery)
Pedals: Old ShLooks (Shimano pedals, made by Look)
Fork: Some cheap thing sold by Pyramid,Cro-Mo, chromed.
Front Brakes: off-brand cantilevers
Rear Brakes: Big-@$$ Dia-Comp calipers, dual-pivot, real long reach.
Tires: Specialized Nimbus, 700c-38

The odd small outer ring setup is due to the chainline position of the cogs on the flip-flop hub-the freewheel side sits further out, so the smaller ring does, too. With a fixed ratio of 45/16, and the free being 42/18, the axle sits in exactly the same spot in the dropouts (short horizontal, BTW).

The wide tires really help on the dirt and gravel sections, and aren't really any problem on the paved parts. In fact, I get a fairly comfy ride now..

The rear caliper is mounted backwards, yeah, I know, but there wasn't any other way of doing it with those old cantilever bosses sticking off the seatstays (used to be a 27" wheel bike-canti's won't fit-I tried).

Oh, I got the frame for free, when the hillbillies next door got evicted-they threw everything out onto the trashpile, this frame included! I snuck out and liberated it within 5 minutes.