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Anyone used/seen the Surly Fixxer in action?(1 post)

Anyone used/seen the Surly Fixxer in action?ralbert
Jun 24, 2003 5:05 AM
Hi. I have a 130mm rear spaced road frame set up with an OLD single speed fixed gear hub. Just got another bike from ebay with 'regular' wheels on it (mavic cxp33's on ultegra hubs) which i might want to put on the fixie if i convert the rear to fixed. i have 2 brakes on the fixie, so the stresses of major back pedalling are not an issue.

a)anyone use the fixxer? seems like if i have a wheel that i can slap it on for $70, then that would be cheaper than buying a new $100 track wheel (duh)

b) if i do put a fixxer on and i'm not worried about back pedalling issues, would i still need to re-dish the wheel?--this is probably my major issue here because if i do, then labor costs will push me to just get a new rear wheel.

c)on a different line of thinking, cost-wise, is it less expensive to take a built wheel (like my ultegra-cxp33), tear it down, and put a new hub on it, or build an entirely new wheel and just ebay the other one?

thanks for your input,