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Country Road Bob(5 posts)

Country Road BobKillerQuads
Jun 19, 2003 6:05 AM
I just bought a custom built Van Dessel Cycles "Country Road Bob". It's a single speed built up from a frame by a local bike shop. It rides like a dream and is very versatile as a road/commuter/trail/urban bike. I can spin up to about 27 MPH and have yet to find a hill I can't climb. In fact it is a great way to train your legs, since every hill is an interval. The bike is super strong and unbreakable (the rear wheel has zero dish, the axels are solid, and there are no derailleures to break). The carbon fork and the "S" shaped stays make the ride smooth over bumps and pot holes. There is no suspension, which just saps power on climbs. I cut the bars down to shoulder width to make it easy to split lanes of traffic when commuting or doing an urban assault. 22 lbs as shown in the photo.

It reminds me of my very first bike which was a single speed that took me every where.

It has the following components:
53 cm aluminum frame with horizontal rear facing drop outs
RedLine chain adjusters
Ritchey seat post, crank, stem, and bars
Avid V brakes
44T chain ring and 18T ACS Claws freewheel (66 gear inches)
Shimano double sided SPD pedals
Surly hubs with flip flop rear
Vittoria 700X28 tires

Great looking bike. nmDave Hickey
Jun 19, 2003 9:34 AM
Country Road Bob (side view)KillerQuads
Jun 19, 2003 11:06 AM
Here is another shot from the side. I highly recommend the RedLine chain adjusters. They let you fine tune the chain tension with less trial and error, prevent axle slippage under power, and protect the drop out face from gouging by the axle nuts.

The side shot shows the strange curves of the top and down tubes. I am not sure they serve any purpose, but they make the bike stand out from the crowd. I guess it gives it a retro cruiser look. The curve in the top tube compromises stand over height a little. The local shop said the new Country Road Bob frames will have derailleur hangers and straight tubes (Boooo); so if you want this weird look, you should try and buy this bike/frame soon.

This bike handles nicely and is easy to ride no hands. It carves in the turns and has good traction in the rain.

It has a mountain bike profile, but the wheels are 700c with low rolling resistance. There is no suspension to sap power on climbs. Very stiff bottom bracket.

Here's my CRB...Don't Want yours to be lonely!ss-nyc
Jun 19, 2003 1:09 PM
Love the frame as well. I went for a "custom" setup with mine. 36h Mavic Cross rims and 36h Shimano DX BMX hubs for the strongest wheels I could have for the mean streets of NYC. The bike is made up of some things old, some things new, some things borrowed, and some things blue...the pedals!

Anyway...enjoy it. I like mine more every day I ride it!

Custom Headset Top Capss-nyc
Jun 19, 2003 1:13 PM
Contact me if you want one... I got a few extras knowing that mine would be stolen since my bike gets locked up on the street from time to time. The cap reads " SingleSpeed One is all you need".

email: bid4items at aol dot com