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Should I fix my Lotus?(5 posts)

Should I fix my Lotus?Bluesref
Jun 12, 2003 1:38 PM
OK so should I turn my early '80s Lotus Eclair into a fixed? My first fixed!

Champion No5 tubeset with Chrome forks and Suntour GS vertical dropouts w/120mm spacing.

Currently 27" wheelset giving me a 35.5" stepover (kinda high) and 10.75" BB height.

Crankset Shimano 600 @170mm.

The brakes are DiaCompe sidepulls (crap)

The bike is stock except for the Freewheel (Diacompe 7)and could have been taken care of much better.

If I wanted to convert on the cheap what kinda whack would I be expecting?

27"wheel w/track flipflop hub and cogs for as low as $125.
Jun 12, 2003 3:52 PM
I say stick with the 27s since they will give you a really nice ride. You can still easily find tires even in a small 27x 7/8 size if you want something really thin. Remove the freewheel, add a track cog and lock ring, and re-dish the wheel as needed. Other people can give you more technical information but this is at least the "basics".

As for brakes...I hate to pimp my own stuff here since I usually sell my extra parts on eBay but I actually have a set of Shimano 600 calipers (old nutted stlye from my 27" wheeled bike) that I was going to sell. My first bike got trashed so I built a new one but it needed v-brakes so I have the Shimano 600s laying around. Contact me at bid4items at aol dot com if you are interested.

Also look here for great information on converting to fixed:

Hope this helps!
agree with SSSteve_0
Jun 13, 2003 3:59 AM
just pull the freewheel off your current rear and thread on the trackcog. you ~may~ not even need to redish (though it looks more symetrical if you do).

Total cost - $15.

Keep the 27 inchers. I ride 27" most the time, x 1 1/8 gives a great general-purpose ride.
It's gotta be harder than that!Bluesref
Jun 13, 2003 8:45 AM
So you guys are saying spin off the FreeWhee(Like I havn't mashed it on REAL tight) and spin on a track cog? I must need a lockring (or LOTS of LockTite!)

I don't do wheels, well never have.

I could go to Sheldon Brown and get a 27" Weinmann 215 w/Susie flip flop for $90 plus the $15 for the cog.

OK there is the whole chaineline issue.

Thanks for the help.
Cheap wheels on
Jun 13, 2003 9:15 AM
You do not "need" a new 27 rear wheel but if you are set on getting one I have seen them sell for about $55 on eBay. Nothing that great but it will work.

Stay cheap if it is going to be locked up or left anywhere. I had this great motobecane that I loved and never worried about leaving locked up. It got backed into by a car or truck while locked up and it was bent in half so I needed to get somthing else.

I built a Van Dessel Country Road Bob which is also great but I am scared $hitless every time I lock it up. I just assume it will not be there when I get back...I may just sell it and look for another cheap lock up bike.

As for motobecane was not perfect but who cares. It just means the chain may wear out a bit faster.