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X-post from general re: frame decision....(5 posts)

X-post from general re: frame decision....dustin73
Jun 10, 2003 8:05 PM
i'm checking out frames for my next bike (SS/fixed) and have come to a dilemma concerning the 2 final frames;

Frame A w/ fork:
- $400
- funky blue color
- has some qwerks i don't like, but can live with (performance isn't altered)
- 4130
- could probably build it up without draining the bank
- considered disposable, given the price
- semi-compact geometry
- good company, in my eyes (i've got one of their mtbs and love it)

Frame B w/ fork:
- ~$1100
- whatever color i want
- custom
- lugged
- after frame and fork, i'd have to wait to build it up, or build it up over time.
- loooooong term purchase
- again, custom

Frame A - On-One Il Pompino

Frame B - Vanilla

i'm torn between whether or not i want to shell out the big cash for a gorgeous, custom frame that'll last a long ass time, or if i want to hold back and get a frame that isn't as glamorous, but works. also, the Il Pomp won't accept roadie brake calipers, so i'm not sure how well road levers would work with V brakes.

any thoughts?

also, i just realized Peyto prices were in well would an 853 Peyto compare to a Vanilla? once you start talking about custom frames, is there really that much difference, that isn't cosmetic?
The first word you use to describe a custom frame is gorgeous.dzrider
Jun 11, 2003 3:45 AM
That gives me the impression that aesthetics, a nicer word than cosmetics, matter to you. I'm less concerned with that, but 2 of the 3 bikes that I thought were way nicer than all the other steel bikes I've tried have been custom frames. Go for it.
Go for the Il
Jun 11, 2003 6:11 AM
Unless it is going to be your MAIN ride I would not spend the money on a custom. Keep the extra ca$h and use it to upgrade your main ride and/or replace it. To me, a fixie or singlespeed is supposed to be a fun utilitarian bike that you are not supposed to worry about.

I would never leave my road gearie unattended. I put the most miles on it and it rides great. I built a singlespeed from a Van Dessel frame which is fun to ride but I do not put the same miles on it as the gearie and I do not mind locking it up...even on the streets of NYC.

As for the Il Pomp. You can get the Dia-Comp 287-V levers which are road style levers that work with v-brakes or just get a nice set of cantilever brakes (remember these were around before v-brakes) which should work with any road lever.

Good Luck!
oops...forgot to say this will become my main road bike...nmdustin73
Jun 11, 2003 6:31 AM
Treat yourself right--go for the CUSTOMpappy_d
Jun 11, 2003 10:08 AM
Several things to consider:
(1)Road biking is not a economical, or even a reasonable sport, so don't attempt to justify purchases on those terms.

(2) Why would you want to buy a bike that someone else wouldn't want for free/steal

(3) As long as you don't put yourself/the family in the poor house buying bike stuff go ahead and spend the $. In a few years the few hundred extra you spend on a custom bicycle won't matter, be it your main rig, or a decorative element to hang in the garage, it'll be the "gorgeous" bike that will matter. If you fall madly in love with fixed riding, and you bought the cheapo, you'll just have to sell it, and buy the one you really wanted anyway. And if you end up hating the fixed riding wouldn't it be better to be selling the more desirable frame?

Get the custom frame, just make sure you bring home flowers for your girlfriend/wife if you do.