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CX bike with eccentric hub or horiz dropout bike ...(11 posts)

CX bike with eccentric hub or horiz dropout bike ...Tahoe Gator
Jun 6, 2003 9:57 AM
I am looking to build a bike that I can use for fixed gear training in the winter and maybe some cyclocross ("maybe" because I've never tried cyclocross, but figure if I road and mtb, why not?). Seems to be some reasonably priced horiz dropout bikes that could fit the bill (Surly Karate Monkey for example) or I could snag a CX bike off eBay (Specialized CS or Ridley Crosswind for example) and use an eccentric rear hab (e.g., White Industries) to allow fixed with normal dropouts. Another option for either would be single-speed. I like the idea of the Karate Monkey's versatility, but for the same money (or less) I could get a new race-worthy CX frame off eBay. Any advice appreciated.
re: CX bike with eccentric hub or horiz dropout bike ...nuxx
Jun 6, 2003 11:41 AM
the surly crosscheck might fit your needs as well. more of a CX bike than a mountain bike, which the karate monkey is.
the surly cross-check ...Frith
Jun 6, 2003 12:15 PM
is a cx bike with horiz. dropouts. I believe Gunnar also makes something similar as does Soma
let the 'q' and 'a' begin...buffalosorrow
Jun 6, 2003 3:43 PM
okay, I had a custom Graham Weigh (from the UK) cross bike build through

Here are the specs:
-Reynolds 531 main tubes and 853 teardrop down tube
-Cross geo, similar to that of the Independent Fabrication
-Horizontal drops, to race and commute as SS and fix
-Rear rack eyelets, to mount a rack for a yearly long ride down south
-Custom orange to black fade
-Straight blade 1" steel fork
-Top routed cables for mud issues along with all braze-ons to gear it up.
-Frame is sub 4 pounds
-Cost around $400 frame and fork, hair more than a surly but I got what I want and weighs less.
-I love it!

Here are my questions:
Whats your budget?
And have you any preferences? Steel, alum, cross race geo, commuter friendly, rack mounts, water bottle mounts, disc brakes, cantilivers, mtb bars, drop bars, running 700c or 29'ers, tire clearance?

If I had to do it again, and will in a few years. I would have liked to have had the option of the White Ind eccentric hub(not avail at the time). Although I have no complaints.

I am running a suzue pro max flip flop hubs laced 3x to mavic cxp 30 (deeper v) 32 hole rims, front and rear. Michelin sprint front tire and tufo tubular clincher rear (hell yeah to tufo's tub/ clinchers).Raceface SS alum crank with a 36: 16 freewheel and 36: 13 fix. Time atac alum pedals. Selcof straight seatpost 27.2. Selle Flight saddle. Shimano rear canti and SRP Mr. Grumpy front.
Stronglight headset (soon to replace to a rasta chris king). Deda zero 110mm stem, Salsa bell lap bars. Campagnolo record carbon brake levers and cinelli bar tape.

Ridleys and empellas dominate the euro cross scene and offer good value. I opted for a steel frame, for repair and ride quality reasons. My friend has his custom frame damaged in an accident and had a LBS straighten out the rear stay. Difficult to do with aluminum.

I also own a colnago and mainly race that frame, but ride the GW much more. The SS is my back up bike.
The differences are the colnago is snappier and accelerates quicker, hence a killer race bike. The GW does it all and feels great performing, even when racing. I could not choose one!

Please feel free to ask any questions...
additional info ...Tahoe Gator
Jun 6, 2003 7:30 PM
I am a pretty avid moutain biker (ride an Intense Spider), but since moving to New Jersey from Tahoe, the mountain biking is not so near to my house, so mtb has become mainly racing and traveling trips. These days I have become much more into road riding (ride a Klein Quantum Pro). I try to ride every morning, weather permitting, and have joined a local riding club which has races every week. The road riding started as training for mountain biking and, while still that, is actually now more of my focus (though I am still more competitive on mtb than road, where I need more race experience). In the process, I have undertaken a much more serious approach to my training. I have read Friel's "Bible" and am trying to follow the program as best I can. I view 2003 as my year to "learn how to train" and that, given the need to start early in the year (something I did not do this year), I can put it all together for 2004. Since the weather here sucks so bad in winter and even into Spring, I need some way to get on a bike other than the trainer (have one, but just can't seem to get as good of a workout) early in the season. I figure a fixed gear is the answer. Actually, I have never even ridden one. But, I also wonder if perhaps cyclocross might be something I could get into given my mutual interest in mtb and road, plus my desire to get winter miles in. Equally, I've never ridden a cross bike. My Klein is aluminum and is the only road bike I have ever known, so I don't really have enough knowledge to say whether I prefer steel or what not. As far as how I would build it up, I would see it as a hobby project for now, perhaps getting parts randomly on eBay, etc., as they became available, so I would not necessarily be spec'ing the bike, but rather putting it together piece meal. I presume I would use existing 700 cc wheels I have (probably Cane Creek Aerohead Ti). I could also borrow any parts from my mountain bike (03 XTR) or road bike (Dura Ace) as needed, though I would want eventually to not have to cannibalize. My fear is that I get a Surly to have a good all-around fixed gear bike for winter riding, try some cyclocross and love it; but then discover that the Surly is heavy and not competitive. Also, I could get a lightweight aluminum cyclocross frame on eBay for less. And, I wonder if a carbon fork makes a big difference or not over aluminum or steel. In summary, I want the flexibility to turn the fixed gear bike into a good cyclocross bike, but since I know little about neither it seems too wide a field of choices. The eBay bikes I am considering are a Specialized M4 CX and a Ridley Crosswind. I think the posts herein are right and that the Surly Cross Check might make more sense than the Karate Monkey.
Jun 6, 2003 8:27 PM
Guess what I am sitting at home in new jesey as I type.
I race cross and bike to and fro work, in all weather.

if you like we can communicate and car pool for races. I head up to CT, LI, PA and NJ for cross races, but would like to try some MTB ones, there is a 50 mile MTB race in PA later this fall, check, I enter cat B races and cat C in Ct, quite competative.

I think the surly would be fun yet disappointing for you. I'd opt for the Ridley (or similar) with the White Ind Ec hub (if you want to try fix), you will have the option to set it up as a competative rig as well.

Depending on you frame size mine is 52c-t, 54c-c tt, you can take it for a test ride.

I'd like to ride the Delaware & Raritan Canal on my cross bike soon....

Enter the cult of SSX...
princeton ...Tahoe Gator
Jun 7, 2003 6:41 AM
i live in Princeton. couldn't find that 50 miler in PA on bikereg, do you know the name? Wife is currently 8 months pregnant, so may not be doing too many out-of-state races over the couple of months, but would be interested in the 50 mile PA race as it would be good prep for the Shenandoah 100 mtb race I am doing in August. I do race with Century Road Club of America when I can get off work early enough (races on Wed and Thurs nights near Hopewell). good advice on bike. you think Crosswind would be better choice than Specialized M4 CX? one difference is carbon fork on the Ridley vs. alum on the M4. The Ridley will likely cost a hundred or two more though. lastly, my current road bike is 55.7 ctc top tube. the 2 cx bikes are 56 ctc. i figure a slightly shorter stem to get the same stretch. does that make sense? note, I am 5' 10".
jersey city...buffalosorrow
Jun 8, 2003 10:26 AM
heres the link to the the 50 miler in PA:

it was in the cyclocross listing. If the link fails.

Which is better, I dont know have not ridden either...
Carbon forks are hot and trendy, do they perfom better... I have to say performance depends on the rider. Personally I would go with the ridley, the #2 rider in the worlds came in on a ridley. I would let cost play a role although. Your wife could benefit from a post birth spa treatment, that can make up you mind between the two bikes and make a nice gift for her. (Sorry but fair is fair, a good place is Mario Badesqu in NYC).

Regarding top tube lengths, some frames have relaxed seat tubes, allowing the top tube to be a little longer, sometimes. Are the seat tube lengths identical to your road frame? You may want to size down a cm or two, due to bb height and larger tires, affects the standover heigth. Also you may find it easier to get on and off the bike on the fly is the post extension is a hair less (.5cm- 1cm lower). But this is all personal choice.
I like a tighter frame 50-51cm c-c st and 54cm tt (can run 53, 55) tt. I have a good amount of seat post extension, and reach drop of 8-10cm. I am 5' 7 1/2". But I will opt for a 52-53 c-c road frame with similar tt.

Once you get the frame you are going to need to play with the saddle position and stem length/rise. But as a rule of thumb the same comfort on you current bike is okay, what you say sounds rational. But you never know.
Info on Wed. & Thurs races???biknben
Jun 10, 2003 6:21 AM
I work in Pennington, NJ. Where are these races on Wed. and Thursday nights? Can you provide more info please?
Info on Wed. & Thurs races???Tahoe Gator
Jun 10, 2003 2:27 PM
In/near Hopewell. Races start at the Woodfern school parking lot at 6 pm (e.g., get there prior). Woodfern school is on Woodfern Rd., which is off Amwell road.

If that is not enough info, try translating these directions to your starting point:

From Princeton, take the Great Road (RT. 601) north almost to where it meets 206 (at the Carrier Clinic). Turn left on East Mountain Rd. and take that up and around the end of the Sourland Mnt. to the traffic light at Rt. 514 in Hillsborough--Amwell Rd. Turn left on Amwell Rd. In about 2 miles come to a 3-way stop with church on right...that is the corner just at the bottom of the Zion Rd. hill. Continue straight on 514 after the 3-way stop. You will pass the left turn for Wertsville Rd. on the left and I believe there are two turns to the right. The second is Blackpoint Rd. and immediately after is Woodfern Rd. It comes at the top of a short hill and the sign is obscurred. There is also a sign to Woodfern School...both
hard to see. Turn right there and the school is on the right .5
down....START/Finish/park/ sign in.
Thanks...I'll have to check them out. (nm)biknben
Jun 11, 2003 6:36 AM