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Couldn't get that paramount's bent tube out of my head so...(3 posts)

Couldn't get that paramount's bent tube out of my head so...ralbert
Jun 6, 2003 9:00 AM
so when this bike came up on ebay i snatched it up. It's a Tom Teesdale build from Tet Cycles ( i think). The bike is great--a bit heavier than the 'beater' bike i stole the parts from, but solid as anything. Nice to know that the bike feels that way when you're zipping along on a fixie in my mind. I really notice the way the bent seat tube brings the rear wheel when i'm weaving in traffic (love the small wheelbase). The bike rocks. Enjoy the pic.

Parts are just some old Campy stuff, Chopped and inverted road bars with Paul's cross levers, Time Z pedals so i can ride with or without the shoes...that's mainly it. Love it. Thanks for looking.
Now mine won't be lonely ...Humma Hah
Jun 9, 2003 10:58 AM
Schwinn only put that bent seat tube on singleseat 'Mounts for two years, 73 and 74, so I'm guessing it was not a hot seller. It was claimed to help climbing, but I'd bet it makes the bike more prone to wheelie in a climb. Hillclimb motorcycles have VERY long chainstays.

But it does make a very tight-turning bike. The front end has classic Schwinn stability, but the short wheelbase makes it able to turn very tightly at low speed.
One time on the P'mount tandem...rwbadley
Jun 9, 2003 7:27 PM
which also has the close coupled frame (bent rear seat tube), son Dave and I did a full turn at the finish of the Chico Wildflower century.

We were doing about very, very slow walking pace, creeping really, and did a 180 degree in a radius of 8-10 feet. We pracically spun the bike on it's rear wheel. There were some other cyclists and a tandem team standing around gawking, they all burst into spontaneous applause!

The kid and I were so proud with how well we pulled it off... I kinda hate to say it tho'... 'it was the bike'!