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new fix show-off pics(5 posts)

new fix show-off picsdesmo
May 6, 2003 8:22 PM
Since I'm riding as many or more fixed-gear miles as my geared road bike I figured I go high style. Frame is a new Cinelli Olympic, parts are a mix of 70's Campy NR (headset, and seatpost), vintage Cinelli (bar and stem), and new Campy Pista crankset and BB. Still looking for a pair of vintage Campy high flange track hubs to complete the package. Just finished bolting it all up today. Went together nice but drilling that beautiful flat crown fork was a bit nerve racking. I have to give a shameless plug to Business Cycles in Florida, where I got the frame and some parts. I don't usually buy through the mail but this is a real bike store that also has a website. The service and prices were fantastic, and the frame came fully prepped with BB chased and faced, and headtube faced and reamed. They have a great stock of track stuff on their website. Sorry if that's spam, but I was really impressed with this shop.

oooaahhhh !!!! delicious ......Spirito
May 6, 2003 10:05 PM
ive wondered about them frames for a while .... it looks superissimo. b/cycles in FL deserve plenty promo's - they done good !!!

what ya got hub wise is plenty cool ..... NOS campy nr/sr track hubs are tough to find (secret handshakes and all that) ..... if they are around Business Cycles would know where to get 'em .... i wouldnt bother with used (slim pickins at great cost). maybe beg lonefrontranger as she has a set of 28 holers in super neat condition (am i in trouble now ?????).

nigel scott in the UK has fronts (36H) and maybe, if you ask nicely .... ???? he's a fair guy and is honest (just dont call him in the middle of the night). he now does paypal.

great lookin' ride - for a production frame it doesn't get any sexier - let us know how it rides ????????

be proud of that baby - the rest of us are drooling ;-)

oooaahhhh !!!! delicious ......desmo
May 7, 2003 7:23 AM
I was pretty impressed with the frame. I figured at the price and being Italian it would be pretty rough. But the lug work is very clean. The long mitres on the seat stays into the seat cluster are really nice and sharp. The BB shell is very pretty with a nice flat chain stay bridge. The paint is a bit thick but it really does not look like it's hiding anything sloppy. Even has some nice big file marks by the rear fork ends to prove it's a Cinelli!

I've seen NOS Campy hubs out there, just can't afford them at the moment. I'm running the Suzue's that came on my Pista. They're sealed bearing and just cannot be set up to spin like a quality loose-ball hub. After rebuilding a few pairs of NR road hubs last winter I'm just not satisfied with anything that won't go half a revolution just by breathing on them.
Perfect................Dave Hickey
May 7, 2003 4:23 AM
This gets my vote for the best looking bike of the year. Bravo...

Extremely well done......

wow, that is a great bike!madstork
May 7, 2003 7:23 AM
I could look at the pics all day! Get used to the compliments, they will come at you "thick and fast"!