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not Kosher for here ..... but D.Hickey will dig it ......(16 posts)

not Kosher for here ..... but D.Hickey will dig it ......Spirito
May 1, 2003 4:34 PM
so my mates super simple torpado s/speed got squashed. *&&$^%$#$^&%&* - it was locked up with a kryptonite chain and some idiot in a truck or 4x4 reversed into it - mince meat front wheel, fork, downtube and rear stay. the drive side crank and rear wheel got bad damage too - the chain is without a scratch. my mate was devastated and would have prefered the thing to have been stolen than have to figure out what we could salvage and rebuild.

couldnt find any decent yet sexy lookin' steel frames to build another so i sold him my vitus frame ($150) that i never got around to building up. it just looks so cool. we replaced 5 spokes on the rear wheel stripped the headset off the torpado as well as the saddle, bars, brakes, left crank arm and of course the tires. found a neat galli (campy copy) driveside crank and 44T ring and a old school shimano loose ball and cup b/bracket.

built it in an hour and its a head turner to say the least. the chainline that fell naturaly gave a gear of 44 x 14 which is pretty cool for downtown Manhattan. great ride / a little noodly (depends on which way you look at it) but its oh so light for a bike that was made in the early 80's.

lets hope he chains it in a safer place.....

a peek at our ghetto single speed setup .....Spirito
May 1, 2003 4:41 PM
chainrings bolts spaced with little washers, who cares about redishing a wheel and chainline when its flat terrain :-)

the owner knows that when he wants to ride it fixed that he will have to play around with different combo's or rings and cogs to get the right tension as well as space the rear hub properly - by the fix me up calculator a 42 x 15 will work using standard chain links ... not bad.

forgot to mention what a beautiful shade of blue that Vitus is - sexy, real sexy.

Very cool...Dave Hickey
May 2, 2003 3:39 AM
I love the SS setup. If he ends up going fixed, don't cut off the derailleur hanger. It weakens the rear dropout. My Vitus frame is now wall art because I over tightened the rear wheel:-(
re: not Kosher for here ..... but D.Hickey will dig it ......ukiahb
May 2, 2003 10:02 AM
very sharp! So is that a freewheel or cassette type hub?? FWIW if it is a freewheel a couple of quick welds can convert it from single speed to fixed gear, did mine that way...also not kosher, but it works OK...thought you might be making it FG since there is no back brake.
f/wheel hub .....Spirito
May 3, 2003 12:05 PM
sitting on it is a regina 6 speed freewheel. as it uses vertical drops one day when the owner goes fixed he will have to work out what ring/cog combo's will work with his given set chaintsay and chain lengths. from the site fix-me-up we have calculated that a 42 x 15 will work.

as is it works very well - even out of the saddle sprinting from a walking pace doesn't budge the chain as its a nice tension and is fairly straight. thank god for sram 8 speed chains - all runs clean and doesn't touch the neighbouring cogs.

its a fun. very comfortable ride but funnily you can feel some buzzy resonance/vibration as alu doesn't dampen like steel. it also weighs nuthin' - ive owned modern 17 pounds super bikes and from memory it seems even lighter which aint bad as some of the parts (saddle, bar/stem, freewheel etc etc) certainly aint class leading light wieghts - i guess if you take off the derailleurs, brake and ancilliary cables its gonna be light.

whats cool is the fork has eyelets for fenders and the rear drops have small holes as well - were gonna fender it up so that its gonna be an all weather rider .....

Why would that bike not be kosher here?Humma Hah
May 2, 2003 2:44 PM
I don't see any ders?

Looks great to me!
just tautology ........ "fixed gear" forum .....Spirito
May 3, 2003 12:07 PM
the gearing is fixed yet its not a fixed gear.

One of the headings says "Fixed/Singlespeed",Humma Hah
May 3, 2003 1:07 PM
... or something like that, so I think you're kosher.

I certainly can't complain as I rode the Paramount for several weeks SS, and the cruiser always will be SS.
if i havent mentioned it before ....Spirito
May 3, 2003 1:21 PM
you bought very well - that paramout is a keeper and also a very discount one of its type as well. fine taste my good sir !!!

Vent and FYI, Kosher is not PC.....and my condolences....tronracer
May 3, 2003 2:32 AM
Yup, in my organizational behavior class we went over some common terms people use that are not politically correct. Turns out, Kosher is not Kosher in the workplace. It's considered an ethnic slur?!?!? How ridiculous can we get?

I don't see anything wrong with using that word to mean that something is suitable or okay.

I do believe that there is still discrimination in the workplace, but c'mon is there a Jewish person out there who'd really be offended by using the word in this context? Sometimes I think being PC has gone too far.

Thank God for Howard Stern and Chris Rock who have unique permissions to tell it like it is.

Sure the truth hurts, but if jokes are true, it makes them a whole helluva lot funnier.

Dirty man/woman jokes (top ten things we would do if we had ou sex converted for a day)

And sorry to hear about the Torpado Ben, it was a sweet bike.
fair call .... how 'bout not halal then?Spirito
May 3, 2003 12:25 PM
:-) ... hey ... my last name is kamen and is eastern european ...... i dont define myself by religious denomination though and my faith is somewhat hybrid with a leaning towards self taut and eastern practices - although the major monotheastical thoughts and practices are something that i admire and agree with in most principles.

im with you in that ill slathe and taunt all faiths and ideology equally. i like humor and never find offence in it ;-)

in case anyone really wants to know the end of my "old fella" resembles Darth Vader's helmet - is the master of evil a hint of that circumcision and its practice by certain groups hinting on the dark side?

who cares - im off to practice yoga and am now sitting for 2 hours a day - the first thing ill do when in OZ will be to do two 10 day retreats inbetween riding and surfing. then ill be focussed, centered, enlightened and happy. then im gonna chase chicks and party to balance it all out :-)


and above all ....

do what feels right for you !!!!

riding a bicycle is an act of Faith.
Luke, mine looks like your father, Luke. -nmSnowBlind
May 6, 2003 10:22 AM
There are a lot worse Yiddish terms in common use.Humma Hah
May 3, 2003 1:11 PM
If folks realized what "schmuck" meant, they'd wash the speaker's mouth out with soap.

Terming a bike Kosher is technically incorrect per Jewish Talmudic food law, but it is hardly an ethnic slur.
lets not schmear ???? ...... :-) NmSpirito
May 3, 2003 1:23 PM
Oy Gevalt... stop using such language like that! (nm)ss-nyc
May 4, 2003 10:52 AM
That's a sweet ride. nmKG 361
May 3, 2003 12:27 PM