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messenger storiesPBWatson
May 1, 2003 1:38 PM
Someone was just asking where they could find some great messenger stories. Today I found which turned me on to this messenger girl called lambchop 7 some great writings. She has a website of monthly writings a book out & another on its way.

Heres an excerpt from

My favorite moment of all time with Aung happened on Clarendon. I was feeling cocky as hell. I'd had 1/2 a pot of coffee by the time I made my drop up high in Arlington and I was looking forward to the long ride down Clarendon. Something snapped in me around the courthouse. Sometimes my commonsense detaches itself from my conscious thought and I give in to hedonistic impulse. At Courthouse, I started to hammer. I was going around 25-30. I was spinning faster than I'd ever gone on my fixie. I was still descending. The road was curvy, I made a light. It should've been a wake-up call to my commonsense, but my commonsense was out to lunch. At Nash, Clarendon starts a serious drop, at Nash I locked it up. I didn't mean to stop, I was way over the goose. I careened forward, slowing enough to angle my skid propelling me into the left lane, setting up a turn. When the break in the oncoming came, I sat in the saddle and pedaled hard, making the slice. At Key Blvd., another serious dip. I started skidding in the middle of the intersection at Key and Ft. Meyer and continued skidding down to Lynn where I threw my ass around aligning my back wheel with cross traffic and began pedaling a typical 4 lane slice. Sheer exhilaration. A long way from Bush Street.