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1200km fixie ride, can you imagine............(2 posts)

1200km fixie ride, can you imagine............chopper
Apr 17, 2003 2:20 PM
I posted this on the general board as well. I've heard rumours about this guy and now that I know what he looks like I hope to run into him someday.
Miss M and I toured a bit farther than than and it was great.MB1
Apr 18, 2003 4:40 AM
Of course we did it in a week but it was an eye opening experience.

We stopped even thinking about shifting and just rode along day after day with no problems at all.

Hills really aren't any big deal-you just pedal all the way to the top.

The downhills were harder than the uphills-we often had to run the brakes most of the way down.

There is very little to go wrong on the bike.

We really enjoyed it and will do it again.