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Dura Ace v. Surly v. EAI v. ??? Sprockets(2 posts)

Dura Ace v. Surly v. EAI v. ??? Sprocketstriangleforge
Apr 17, 2003 12:06 PM
Any notable differences among the various fixed sprockets available (in 3/32, if it matters) from Shimano, Surly, Euro-Asia Imports (EAI) or others? I've bought mainly the QBP no-name sprockets, largely because that's what my LBS usually has on hand, but they seem to wear awfully fast.

Just looking at the EAI, it appears that the cog itself is actually offset further than with most sprockets; does this introduce any chainline issues if you switch between brands?

re: Dura Ace v. Surly v. EAI v. ??? Sprocketsvictorthewombat
Apr 18, 2003 1:11 PM
I have had no problems with EAI sprockets in the past. I am just purchased a Surly 18 and 19 and don't have enought miles to tell you .... except price wise they all end up costing about $30 a pop. I flip flop on a White Industries freewheel no chainline problem, I use a 113mm crank axle with a 68mm bottom bracket. 73mm bottom bracket I do not know or have experience with.