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Fatties don't Fit Fine (link to MTBR w/pics)...(2 posts)

Fatties don't Fit Fine (link to MTBR w/pics)...SmogRider
Mar 27, 2003 9:54 AM

looking for a nice, fat tire that can handle rain, sand, gravel, etc and still fit on my fixed '84 Trek 660. I've tried 700x28 Ritchey Tom Slicks but wanted something more beefy, so I went with the Mich. Sprint 30s. The Sprints rub the fork crown and the chain stays, so they gotta go, or I gotta start grinding & bending.

Any other good, plump all 'rounders? Thanks -
re: Fatties don't Fit Fine (link to MTBR w/pics)...enginebad
Apr 9, 2003 8:03 PM
an expensive option would be to try wider rims. on trials(mtb) bikes, i've had success sanding just the paint down in the area where the tire rubs, but this is not ideal on a steal frame. on my first converted fixed(univega grand touris...) i just resolved myself to the fact that 25's were the biggest i could reasonably fit in there.