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First fixed ride with other non-fixed riders...(11 posts)

First fixed ride with other non-fixed riders...biknben
Mar 25, 2003 5:45 PM
I caught a small group of riders (4) while out on my fixed gear today. They had slowed up while going through a small town center which allowed me to catch up to them. I asked them if I could tag along and stayed at the back of their paceline. They picked up the pace after leaving town. I was spinning pretty good but within my comfort zone. The whole time, I had this strange satisfying feeling since I was doing it all with just one gear. Kinda like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do but getting away with it. None of them realized I was "fixed" since I was at the back the whole time. This lasted about 15 minutes until they made a turn while I was intending to go straight. Oh well, it was cool while it lasted and certainly made my ride a little more fun.

The fixed bug has bitten me deep!!!
some things I've noticedDougSloan
Mar 26, 2003 7:40 AM
I've have come across some "reglar" bike riders while on my fixed, too. I warn them that I can't coast, so I might be slowing down without coasting, so they don't run into the back of me. I've also noticed that when reglar bike riders coast, they slow down a whole lot, even for a few seconds.

A couple of guys caught me on a descent once, where I was going 34 mph in a 48x18. They commented that they couldn't believe how high a gear I was using on the climb before, but figured it out when they saw me descending. I told them the gear inch I was using, so they could simulate it while riding with me, if they wanted. One said that it "wasn't that bad," until we hit a descent over 30 mph again. He coasted.

so far i've enjoyed four fixed rides with geariesJS Haiku Shop
Mar 26, 2003 9:02 AM
and a few without company. since being fixed (fixated) by MB1 a couple weeks back, i've logged >200 fixed miles, ~140 with riders on geared bikes. my own geared bikes are being sorely neglected.

observations from cyclists that i regularly ride with include (them) being unable to continue our conversation going up lumpy hills (42x14), "wow, how can you spin that fast" (so far the record is 35.5 mph downhill), and surprise--on my part and theirs--that i can lead out the stop sign sprint to about 33 mph (it's on a little uphill). :)

another recent observation was a critique of my spin--seems a "routine J drafter" (not that i'm a monster rider or anything, LOL) says it's a little choppy back there yet. he indicated a difference between my spinning a geared bike and the fixie. i'll work it out eventually.

my average speed on rides across the same routes has increased slightly, as has my speed up hills and on flats. 42x16 (free) was a step up for me from the 18t freewheel that came with the bike. 18t had me spinning like mad to ride the 25 mph group ride surges. 16t was a little less frenetic, but still an exercise in high cadence. the (42x) 14t (fixed) track cog is *perfect* for our group rides on lumpy terrain. coincidentally, at a time when i'd be getting the gears back on the road to work on resistance and big-gear pushing, muscling the 14t up some of the steeps or the long rises 'round here seems to have either made me stronger quickly, or given me the ability to cross whatever mental barrier i had that kept me spinning the high-count end of the geared cassette.

I can't verbalize how riding fixed over the last 2 weeks has changed the way i ride a bike, how i look at cycling, other cyclists, and the lay of the land. after the initial fear issues and learning curve, i'm wishing i'd done this several years ago. what a unique and tremendously enjoyable way to ride.

thanks again MB1!
I tried to tell you but you just didn't get it.MB1
Mar 26, 2003 4:23 PM
Now you do.

So who are you going to fixate?
you'll note i'm now listening intently to you, sir!JS Haiku Shop
Mar 27, 2003 7:08 AM
hmmm...who's the next victim?

a glimmer of hope: i've heard reports that our "social" ride was infiltrated by a ss/fixie two weeks ago. i've mostly sworn that ride off due to lack of consistent riding and the extreme entry-level populace, resulting in bad riding habits in the group and dangerous rides. however, it's fair recruiting ground for our longer rides (skill and endurance builders).

i'm trying to be a fixie ambassidor, but nobody's am currently being wholly ignored. we'll see.
I'm the one whoSpecialTater
Mar 28, 2003 7:23 AM
told you about the ss/fixie on the social ride. I'm also one of the dangerous newbies on a 10 speed ;). (Note it didn't seem too bad/dangerous on this ride--what have you noticed?--The group did split into a faster/more experienced group and a slower...less so group. I was the less experienced one in the faster group.)

BTW, Bob (I think he led) took some pics of the ride. He might have one of F. E. and his fixie. I haven't seen them on the hightailers site yet.
...all pics have been posted...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 28, 2003 7:58 AM
all pics from the last month have been posted on the club website, including a nice one from last weekend of Wonderdog and J. damn, i'm good lookin'! if you find it, you'll note that i'm the "short" one, at 6'2".

re: dangerous riding--last week there was a kid on a department store mountain bike hopping curbs. he did the short ride. this was an extreme case, but you'll note on the way downtown or east (if you ride mid-pack) that they hog the road and don't heed "car back". many skip stop signs and traffic lights *in town*. questionable for a select few, but for a group of 20-30 it's inexcuseable.

if you start and ride at the front of the "social ride" group, it's usually safer. i was out last week to be an ambassidor for the "other" weekend rides. i'm always recruiting for those who want to go beyond their programming and would like to join our longer/faster/hillier rides on the other side of town.

this weekend i'm doing a long ride in IL. next saturday (4/5) i will be on the Poker Ride--helping at the beginning and sweeping for mechanicals & riding mid-pack. i'll commute from home and ride the full 40-mile route, on the fixie, of course.

join us--you might win the pot. bring a $5 ante. be aware that the ride is no-SAG, but there are stores on the route.

Miss M got a whole lot better on the downhills.MB1
Mar 26, 2003 10:01 AM
Prior to riding fixed and SS Miss M was in the habit of coasting downhills and making it up on the following flat roads. Riding fixed/SS she learned to pedal downhills to keep up.

Now she is noticeably better going downhills. (No rest for the weary any more).
you 2 use the same gear ratio? nmDougSloan
Mar 26, 2003 10:07 AM
Me 42/16f,17ss. Miss M 39/14f,16ss.MB1
Mar 26, 2003 11:56 AM
Now there is a nice cryptic answer that wouls do J's Haiku Shop proud!
What I've noticed;look271
Mar 30, 2003 3:51 PM
Most people (who know what you're riding) are impressed. Most can't keep up with me on rolling hills because they of course gear down. I can't hang with them if the pace-line gets much faster than 23mph (I ride a 42x17 fixed). I could raise that a little now with my new fixie-it's 42x16. Being fixieated is great!