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hey guys can I join the club?(6 posts)

hey guys can I join the club?Frith
Mar 24, 2003 8:01 AM
where do I sign up?
I just bought this frame on ebay and I'm thrilled! Driving to Ottawa this weekend to pick it up.
It will of course become a fixie and my first so let me ask you guys what should I dress her in? I'm starting from scratch and buying each part as I can afford it so pretty much nothing is out of the question. I'm thinking that she deserves I'll probably go with the pista grouppo. I'd love to hear your thoughts. wheels? bars? Know any good sources for nice decorative elegant stems? I'll be expanding on the emerald green and yellow theme. I want this bike to be the prettiest on the block :)
sure; and hub optionDougSloan
Mar 24, 2003 8:07 AM
One option for a rear hub, that may help with chain tension with the semi-horizontal drop outs:

Scroll down to:

The White Industries
ENO Single Speed Fixed/Free Hubs
The First Fixed-Gear Hub For Vertical Dropout Frames!

This the most exciting development of the century for fixed-gear and singlespeed fans!
These hubs, feature an eccentric axle mount, finally allowing easy conversion of your existing road or mountain bike to singlespeed or fixed gear without the need for kludgy chain tensioners!

They will be available in 135, 130 and 126 spacings, and feature a 47.5 mm chain line (lines up with the middle ring of a standard MTB crankset, or with the cog flipped over, it will line up with the outer ring of a typical road double.

Some combinations available now, others due in March.

White Industries ENO Single Speed Hub
will I need it?Frith
Mar 24, 2003 8:29 AM
The dropouts in the pictures appear to be alot closer to horizontal than vertical. I thought that they would probably give me enough room to play with. Will that depend on my gearing choices? What are the odds that I'll need an eccentric?
I wouldn't think so...biknben
Mar 24, 2003 10:44 AM
Those dropouts are a mile long. If you get the chain right, you should be able to use 3 or 4 different sprocket sizes with the same chain length.

Good score!!!
will I need it?BIGBOB
Mar 24, 2003 10:48 AM
If you're not using a flip-flop hub with vastly different gearing on either side you should be fine. If you use just one cog, there is plenty of space to allow for both proper chain tension and adjustment for taking up "slack" later. The problem would be if on a flip-flop hub you had a 15t on one side and maybe an 18t on the other. That might stretch the limits of the dropout.

Good luck, Bob.
fine frame, frith!!madstork
Mar 24, 2003 8:43 AM
Looks like you got a good one there. I turned my '88/'89 Marinoni into a fixed/ss and I really enjoy it. Wish I could see your met. green in the sun - it'll be a knockout!

From the picture that looks like a threaded stem. Try your lbs or places like Nashbar, Performance or Excel for an alloy quill stem. I like the looks of 3ttt and ITM quill stems. I have a cromoly ITM stem now, not as good looking as the alloy models IMHO, but it's stiff and was in the parts box, so I used it.

Enjoy that Marinoni!