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I've been Fixed! Silver and black attack!(2 posts)

I've been Fixed! Silver and black attack!SnowBlind
Mar 13, 2003 8:48 PM
Finally got the wheelset for my fixed. It is an 80's Sekai turing frame, fully lugged. The only thing I kept was the seatpost, as the poor thing was turned into a comfort bike at one point.
The handlebars are wrapped with Cateye cloth. Not as cushy as cork, but it looks good.
The front wheel is stolen from my regular ride, and the rear is a surly 1x1 with 40x17 gearing to start with.
I have to say that I was quite suprised by riding a fixed for the first time.
I was a real revelation, I thought to myself "This is how God intended us to ride bikes!" I took a quick spin down to the LBS to show it off, and just cruised around the neighborhood, enjoying the late evening weather. It is so natural, so sublime, I can't see why I did not do this earlier. No bounce, no real trouble stopping ( I may remove that front speed modulator, but local law requires it) it all felt so natural.
I can't say I would ride this all the time, I enjoy my other bike so much, but I will make this a regular habit!
All four of mine are silver and black ...Humma Hah
Mar 14, 2003 7:15 AM
... I've always thought it was particularly handsome.

The cruiser started out red (the choices were red and green). I repainted it silver and trimmed it in black, with the chrome untouched. Looked good but the paint didn't last. Had it powdercoated recently the same colors and it is gorgeous.

The MTB was available in silver so I got it that way new.

The Paramount I fell in love with at first sight, largely because it was silver/chrome. Those DO wear red and blue well, though.

And the Peugeot I pulled out of the trash recently happens to be silver, too.

They all match my helmet and my pickup truck. Keeps things simple.