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Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed gear hub(4 posts)

Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed gear hubmarron
Mar 11, 2003 11:47 AM
Check it out,

The holy grail of Fixes.
What? Are they rusted solid?Humma Hah
Mar 11, 2003 5:43 PM
Now, wait a cotton-pickin' minnit! If it has gears, it ain't fixed! What are these, really, 3-speeds that won't coast?

My wife has a SA 3-speed hub that coasts, actually a pretty quick setup that I had to gear down so she could use the top gear. Got my fanny whupped by a 3-speed roadracer once, the guy lapped the field of single/3-speed bikes, possibly that was a "fixed" 3-speed.
What? Are they rusted solid?desmo
Mar 11, 2003 7:19 PM
Wadda ya mean? It's fixed daddy-o, gears and all. "Fixed" indicates not "free", and not just the amount of cogs. What a cool piece!! Wish I had the dough, but am sure the thing will go $2000 +. I see it bolted between a custom black Mercian with red lined Nervex lugs and track ends. Good thing dreams are free!
Make your own 2-speed fixedFrank Tuesday
Mar 13, 2003 5:35 AM
I've got a 2 speed fixed. The info is on Take the SA 3-speed apart, machine a groove here and there, make a bar to fit in the groove and put it back together. It disables the highest gear, but you get the 1/1 and .75/1 gears still. It has a bit of play, like when your chain isn't tight, but a remachined part can take care of that too. My total cost, $50.

I've seen used 3 speeds go for $300, so no telling what this one will go for.

Frank Tuesday
Minister of Chaos
2001 Missouri Fixed Gear "X-treme" Jumping Champion