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Care and feeding of SS freewheels ...(4 posts)

Care and feeding of SS freewheels ...Humma Hah
Mar 10, 2003 4:43 PM
OK, I've got 6 months, a couple of thousand miles, and a cruddy winter on my freewheel, and it sounds kinda gritty.

I can tear down, clean, and reassemble a Bendix coasterbrake blindfolded. Freewheels I'm new to. What's the proper way to clean and lube one, or do you just trash 'em?
re: Care and feeding of SS freewheels ...Dave Hickey
Mar 11, 2003 4:36 AM
There so cheap I replace them after a couple thousand miles but if you want to lube it, soak it in a bucket of motor oil overnight.
I take mine to my LBS....SS_MB-7
Mar 11, 2003 9:27 AM
I take my used Shimano/ACS freewheels to my LBS since they have a Varsol tank perfect for the job. I run the freewheel under the tap for a couple minutes and periodically give the freewheel a spin.

Once the freewheel sounds clean, I let it drain overnight. I then soak it in some mid-weight oil for a couple days, periodically giving it a spin.

I've found this helps to prolong it's inevitable death.

I've also found that "Phil's Tenacious" lube works well inside the freewheel. I squirt a little into the freewheel while spinning it on my bike.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
'Bout what I'd figured.Humma Hah
Mar 11, 2003 10:13 AM
Thanks guys. I'm shopping for some kind of parts washer to clean bearings, and the same thing will probably work on the freewheel collection. I might even go ultrasound.

My father used to use varsol, and I got kinda sensitive to it (gives me a headache). Bor bearing cleanups, I now tend to use clear kerosine for preliminary cleanups (I can burn it to dispose of it, up at my cabin in the mountains). Finish cleanups are typically with straight Simple Green, which I re-use.