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First real road ride on my fixie(2 posts)

First real road ride on my fixieJBergland
Mar 5, 2003 7:54 AM
I built a fixie up over the winter for training purposes. Nothing special... older Nishiki frame and spare parts. Gearing is 52-20... good for strength training and fast enough to get me 'around'. Last Saturday I went on my first road ride with my fixie. All I can say is WOW!!

A group of 8 teammates decided that the weather was just too warm to not go out for a ride. We took our usual route... 25+ miles out, stop of coffee, then 25+ miles back home. I sucked wheel at the back for the whole ride... not because I was hurting, more because I didn't want to rotate through and cause anyone to go down. The first 25 miles felt good. The hills I was expecting to be a little tough were nothing. Even going down the other side felt fine. We had coffee, BSed a bit, then headed for home. I still felt pretty good until we turned a corner and had a good tail wind the rest of the way!! What is usually one of the most enjoyable parts of a ride (having a 'tail' while heading for home) turned out to be the hardest part of the day!! On the down side of two hills, the group slowly started to pull away. I'd catch back on only to have the next hill's down-side put me off-the-back again!! I finished the ride with all the guys, but was very tired.

I plan to keep the current gearing I have. It will force me to develop a fast/smooth spin. I also built the bike hoping to avoid as much day-to-day maintenance as possible... changing gears based on what ride I'm going to do wasn't a part of that. I'm sure as Spring rolls around and our group rides start to get a little more 'spirited', the fixie won't be an option any more. But until then, I'll be spinning away!!

Take Care!!
Fixed Maiden Voyagetrout_bum
Mar 5, 2003 10:10 AM
It's fun isn't it. Last nite I took out my new Bianchi Pista, (which I orderered 3 months ago) for its maiden voyage-Central Park NYC. I swapped out the 48T X 16 for 42T ring and added a brake. Great ride. Bike fits me like a glove, and 42X16 gearing seems like a perfect match for me. I had heard that the steep track geometry would feel a bit squirrely, but it doesn't feel too much different than my road bike.
Still have to get to used to the occasional kick you get when you forget and try to coast.
Happy trails.