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Stripped hub following fixie conversion.(2 posts)

Stripped hub following fixie conversion.nasa-biker
Mar 3, 2003 9:46 AM
I recently converted my 1971 12-speed Fuji Finest to a 42/17 fixie. I removed the freewheel, put a fixed cog on the Campy tipo hub, respaced and redished. I found I could unthread the cog with strong backpressure even with a tight lockring in place so I stopped using the lockring. By avoiding strong backpressure I didn't think I was loosening the cog, but evidently I was wrong.

After about 40 miles the hub stripped on a short incline. I hitchiked home. I probably could have ridden home if I had had a lockring to use as a spacer over the bad threads.

Lessons learned imho: Use a track hub for your fixie. Use a single-speed freewheel for conversions involving a freewheel-type hub. It may be possible to convert a freewheel hub to fixie by using red locktite, a very tight lockring, and avoiding backpressure, but I'm doubtful.
Thanks for sharing the lessonTig
Mar 4, 2003 6:45 AM
I'm converting an old set of wheels from hollow to solid axles for a teammate and will pass on your experience as well. I'm happy with my flip-flop hub and think it was worth the extra expense over a screw-on freewheel conversion for fixed gear.

Do you work at a NASA site? Which one? I'm near JSC.