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road ss (not fixed this time), but some might be interested(1 post)

road ss (not fixed this time), but some might be interestedBudhaSlug
Mar 2, 2003 8:59 AM
I know this is a fixed forum, and I posted this over in the MTBR SS forum too, but I thought some people here might be interested since its an issue for road SS (although not fixed).

So I'm rebuilding an old road bike that I had laying around in the basement into a single speed (I already have two fixies, and IF planet X and an old AMF roadmaster cruiser that I made into a fixee)... Mid 90's trek 2200 with a campy athena 8spd group... the frames were some of the first to have carbon tubes... well, carbon main tubes with aluminum lugs and stays... even an aluminum fork. I needed some extra cassette spacers, and my lbs wasn't helpful at all, so I ordered a set of the pvc ones from flashpoint (the guy that sells them on ebay). I was a little concerned about whether they would fit on the campy freehub since they are made for shimano (shimano cogs won't fit even older campy hubs because they use a different number of splines 8 versus 9, but after a quick measurement of my campy spacers which have an inside diameter of about 35mm, and a check that this is the inside diameter of the flashpoint and other shimano spacers I ordered them.

Well, I got them yesterday and discovered that in fact they are not the same size... shimano uses a freehub with a 35mm outer diameter (thus 35mm inside diameter round spacers) and campy is just about 35.5mm outside diameter... they just barely won't fit. I don't have a pair of calipers so I had no way of getting an accurate enough measurement... comparing the different spacers you can just barely see the difference.

Its not really going to be a problem since I can just file down the spacers a tiny bit (and disco's that I have coming too) but it came as quite a surprise to me. So for any of you out there who might be converting an old campy hub, be warned that your freehub diameter is not the same as shimano (I have to look at my new campy 10spd roadbike, which uses a completely different spline system, but I bet it won't fit with either one... I'll measure it when I take the cassette off for spring cleaning).

Peace and Light,