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Danger of Fixed(8 posts)

Danger of FixedOverhill
Feb 26, 2003 7:44 PM
After 20 plus happy years without riding fixed, I acquired and rode a fixed conversion the last couple months. The danger?---I really liked it. However, I have traded/sold the conversion for some components I needed[wanted]. Now I'm ready to buy a better fixed. 2ride asked this question just the other day, but only had a couple of responses: what to buy? I like the look of the Fuji, but have no close dealers. What other options are there for about $1000? I know from reading this forum that there are many knowledgable people out there, and I would really like your opinions/suggestions. Thank you.
Spicer Cycles Tracktriangleforge
Feb 27, 2003 6:29 AM
Another option to add to your list would be a Spicer Cycles track frame, which start at $299 (frame only). A teammate of mine just got one and is quite pleased, and it came in at well under $1K, though with a bit of horsetrading & creativity on the build (he's still got three of my stems, as he's deciding which of them fits him best).

Check out:

Though they're straight up track frames, the rear bridge is drilled for a brake, and a front brake would depend on the fork you choose. I don't imagine there are water bottle bosses, but it's worth asking, if that's an issue to you.

If you've got a spare fork and some other usable components lying about, it could be fairly easy to come in way, way under your budget.

The reason for the low response is probably becausebigrider
Feb 27, 2003 9:15 AM
most of us look at our fixed rigs as resurrecting an old classic bike and buying the specific parts to convert it. If the bike has everything on it already you usually end up taking stuff off and maybe buying a fixed rear wheel for a 100 bucks. The product is a 250 fixie if you got the bike for 150 that rides like a dream, is sub 20 pounds, and looks beautiful.

If you want to buy a bike outright there is Surly, Fuji, Cannondale (more than a 1000). There are a bunch of custom frame makers that have track dropouts on their bikes and you would have to build the rest from scratch.
re: Danger of Fixedctisevn
Feb 27, 2003 11:25 AM
my steamroller came in a bit under 1000. I dropped 350 having spicer(see link in post above) build me some wheels but beyond that I could have done it for a bit less. If youre planning on using it as a street bike I think youd be very happy with the surly. if your taking it on the track there are lighter frames out there but I dont think theyll do as well on the street(brakes, tire clearance)
Mar 6, 2003 1:35 PM
If you're starting from scratch, the roller is the biz for a no nonsense bomber ride. The options for fatter tires, fenders, front & rear brake make it a frame that'll be around forever.

Keep your eyes open for deals lurking in dusty parts bins of the local shop. I scored a sweet 28 spoke new front hub for $15 because there's little demand for such parts.

If you're feeling confident, build your own wheels. That'll save you $60 and it's not as hard as some might lead you to believe. Since fixed have no dish, they're less tricky to build. While a truing stand is the best thing, it's easy to fashion gauges or use brake pad position as a way to dial it in. Check the web for wheel building info. The only nuanced part of it all is how much overall tension is right. I cheat and simply feel the tension from my best set of existing wheels and keep it close to that.

have fun
See Sheldon Brown for his Pista conversion, $ left over :-) (nm)KeeponTrekkin
Mar 4, 2003 11:21 AM
re: Danger of Fixedlook271
Mar 11, 2003 10:52 AM
I've found great satisfaction in building my fixies from old road frames. Comfortable, cheap, and great looking. I have maybe $300 in one and less than $150 into the 2nd one (although I have to swap out the old steel rims for some decent aloy rims. I'll still come in under $250.)
Mar 13, 2003 1:29 PM

SOMA Bikes ? makes a product called the Rush (terrible name I know) that is worth checking out and definitely could be completed for less than $1000. Or the Surly Steamroller, just don't get silly like me and put a chi chi parts package on it.