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Replacing track dropouts???(4 posts)

Replacing track dropouts???hycobob
Feb 14, 2003 11:17 AM
I have an old steel Univega that I made into a single awhile back, using a home-mede chain tensioner and lots of spacers from my LBS cassette bin. I had alot of fun riding with and passing up geared riders, then regeared it to loan out for an MS150 ride. Now, since my brother wimped out and the bike just hangs there, I'm thinking on turning it into a fixed gear.

It has semi-horizontal dropuots which offer a little adjustment, but I've been thinking about replacing them with track dropouts. My stepdad is an old-hand welder/pipefitter whose welds I would put up against anyones, so should I let him do it? A better question is, are they welded or braised. And are both type of dropout's tabs the same, to make alignment easy? How would I remove the old dropouts?

Or should I just take it up to Romic Cycles and pay them to do it? Any ideas on what a builder would charge? After this is done can the chainstays and seatstays be chromeplated without ruining the original paint on the rest of the frame? The Black & blue mottled paint job is still the best I've seen (circa 6-speed rear).
re: Replacing track dropouts???desmo
Feb 14, 2003 5:33 PM
If it's a nice frame I'd say it's worth the money to have a frame builder do it right. I doubt it would be too expensive as track forks are easy to get and pretty cheap. The most expensive part would be rechroming the triangle.
There is nothing wrong with semi-horizontal dropoutsDave Hickey
Feb 15, 2003 4:51 AM
Unless you plan on changing cog sizes, semi-horizontal dropouts work fine. I have a couple of bikes set up this way and I have no problem with chain tension.
There is nothing wrong with semi-horizontal dropoutsTig
Feb 16, 2003 5:56 PM
I'd try working with the bike as it is to see if there is even a need to change the frame. If the frame is a quality steel lugged, it should be braised with silver. Give Romic a call and see what they charge.