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fixie on Computrainer(1 post)

fixie on ComputrainerDougSloan
Feb 11, 2003 7:08 AM
As I'm redoing some things on my 1980 Bianchi that I had on the Computrainer, I put the fixe on it temporarily. I found somwthing interesting.

The CT has a display called "Spinscan,"(*see footnote) which basically tells you how your power is distributed around the pedaling circle. The higher the number, the more evenly power is made. The number is a percentage, from 0-100, and shows each crank separately, and an average.

I usually make around 67 on the coaster. Without even trying, I was making around 77 with the fixie. That reflects more "pedaling in circles," which probably means better efficiency, right?

Just an fyi.

BTW, it was fun riding with just one gear and trying to keep up with the "pacer" on the CT. Had to spin my butt off to keep up.


*SpinScan™ provides a multi-color torque graph which represents one full 360° pedal revolution divided into 15³ segments. It will identify "flat" or "dead spots in the pedal stroke where optimal power is not being transferred to the drive train. Graphs show instantaneous right/left leg power split and where power is being applied for greater aid in development of under-utilized muscle groups The quantifiable measure called the SpinScan Number is the average torque divided by the maximum torque times 100.