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Help. Dumbest Wrench move ever. (Xpost to general)(4 posts)

Help. Dumbest Wrench move ever. (Xpost to general)mikebikr
Feb 10, 2003 5:14 AM
We'll it has to at least make the top 10. I bought a single speed kit from a member of this board. The kit contained several PVC spacers and an 18t BMX cog. I decided to convert an old 8sp MTB to SS for training and commuting. Anyhow after I removed the cassette, I figured I'd rebuild the hubs. After replacing and repacking the bearings I reassembled the hubs, installed the spacers and cog, and then installed the wheel. The hubs weren't spinning smoothly so I removed the spacers and cog to adjust the cones. Then I reinstalled the spacers and attached the lock nut. OH NO! I forgot he cog. Now I've got the lock nut tightened and no gears to attach to the chain whip. I can't remove the lock nut. STUPID STUPID STUPID! Any suggestions? Wrench suggestions please.I know that I need some mental help.

re: Help. Dumbest Wrench move ever. (Xpost to general)Frank Tuesday
Feb 10, 2003 4:50 PM
With the pvc spacers, you are in luck.

Cut the spacers off. Sucks, but not an easy way around it. save the spacers so you can recreate the spacing you had. Now, using an oil filter wrench, a Craftsman "Strap Wrench" as seen below, or something similar, wrap that around the freehub body and that should work as well as the chain whip. The strap wrench won't scratch the freehub body, so it is probably the better option.

Now, go to the hardware store and buy some new PVC. Usually they'll cut if for you at no charge. Put it back together WITH the cog in place.

We have a winner!LC
Feb 12, 2003 10:05 AM
Usually this "Dumbest Wrench move ever" title is not really deserved, but I think you are certainly worthy of consideration into the hall of fame :) At least it sounds like someone has a way out for you with the belt wrench so maybe you can be beaten.

Can anyone beat this?
I think my finger chopping ranks right up there!Shad
Feb 20, 2003 9:26 AM
Shad "A Brief Moment of Carelessness..." 12/25/02 1:55pm