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Good argument in favor of brakes/ question(2 posts)

Good argument in favor of brakes/ questionSeth1
Feb 2, 2003 11:21 AM
I was riding in traffic this afternoon on my fixed gear. I hit a pothole that I hadn't noticed and threw my chain. I ordered brakes a couple of weeks ago but don't have them yet . . . . Fortunately, the story doesn't have a tragic ending.

Anyway, the question: is tossing a chain just something that happens occasionally on a fixie or is it an indication that I didn't have enough tension in the chain?
Throwing a chain shouldn't be commonTig
Feb 3, 2003 6:39 AM
Here's a past discussion on the brakes subject:

Two possible problems could cause your bike to throw the chain: Bad chain line and/or too much chain slack.

Looking from the rear of the bike, a good or bad chain line is fairly easy to see. Rear wheel dishing, axle spacer changes, or chain ring location on the crank or using chain ring spacer bolts can all help with the adjustment. A too long bottom bracket spindle can also create a bad chain line. Chain line should be as perfect as possible on a fixed gear.

Chain tension on horizontal dropouts is pretty easy to adjust after you've pulled the rear wheel off and reinstalled it a few times. You probably already know how, but had too much slack. Sometimes the wheel will slip just a millimeter or two while riding to create more slack.