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2 speed fixed gear [bikesmith](4 posts)

2 speed fixed gear [bikesmith]tatter
Jan 13, 2003 2:20 PM
been lurking for awhile. lots of good info here.
was wondering if anyone had any experience with the bikesmith 2 speed fixed gear hub:

"The 2 speed fixed gear hub is a conversion of the Bendix 2 speed coaster brake hub. It is lever actuated, has 36 holes, an 18 tooth cog, and a high gear of 1:1, with a low gear that is around a 30% reduction. It requires a 1/8" chain, and 120mm rear dropout spacing. In the five years we have been building them, we have had no reports of any breakage or extreme wear. They cost $150.00. Let us know what you think.
Val Kleitz,

the above was an email reply i got from them. but i wanted to know if anyone had any personal experience with that item. it sounds super cool, but $150.00 is a little too high a price for me to just take a chance on that hub. it would be a great hub for off road fixed gear, or for when you're tired after a day of pedaling into a headwind and just want an easier gear to pedal. any help would be appreciated.

re: 2 speed fixed gear [bikesmith]fixedgearhead
Jan 13, 2003 4:11 PM
I would just get a flip flop fixed/freewheel to do the kind of riding that you are talking about. It only takes a few seconds to turn the wheel around and get the other cog in motion. No levers or cables to mess with. Simple and elegant, if I my say so. I am sure that the hub they are describing is fine, I just think that it is another solution in search of a problem.

re: 2 speed fixed gear [bikesmith]desmo
Jan 13, 2003 6:30 PM
I've come close to ordering one. I've checked out their website and they seem like a truly great LBS, and it's a neat piece. But I just can't seem to justify the cash and all for just one more gear. As fxhead said, you can get that with a flip flop and without the added weight, and complexity. Now if it was a repop of the Sturmey 3 speed racing fixed hub I would build a whole new bike around one.
re: 2 speed fixed gear [bikesmith]tatter
Jan 15, 2003 9:07 AM
yeah. you guys are probably right. i think it's more the "gee whiz" factor involved. i like the idea of having that lower gear option without stopping and turing the rear wheel around. thanks for the opinions.