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Cross or road frame?(2 posts)

Cross or road frame?jayb29
Jan 13, 2003 4:57 AM
I am planning on building up a fixed/single-speed (with a flip flop), and can't decide what frame to use. I have access to a cross frame and a road frame, both of which will work fine (right size, horizontal dropouts, etc), but don't know the pros and cons of the different geometries. The road frame is pretty steep (though not as steep as a track bike), and the cross frame is quite relaxed.

I plan on using the bike for winter training and roller riding, mainly. For the former, I plan on using wider tires and fenders (will fit either frame).

Any insights into the pros and cons of each would be great!

Jay B
Jan 13, 2003 7:07 AM
Had a Surly Crosscheck that I used as a fixed gear two years ago.

I now have an old Bianchi road bike that I set up as a fixed gear. Full fenders etc.

They are/were both great - the tire clearance on the Surly was a lot better though (although with full fenders, the max I could run was 700x28).

The key issue should be whether or not you can run fenders and 28s in the frame. If that excludes one bike, go with the other. The next issue should be whether or not the build will enable you to use parts you have lying around (i.e. cantilever vs. regular sidepull brakes).

The geometry may make a bit of difference, but the real determinant in terms of comfort will be width of rubber. For my current fixed gear, I also use a suspension seatpost which has been quite a handy thing to have on those longer, colder rides this past fall/current winter.