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Van Dessel Country Road Bob(2 posts)

Van Dessel Country Road Bobzmarke
Jan 10, 2003 4:19 AM
I have a chance to purchase a brand new frame/fork/headset for only $233 cash/pickup but am not sure about the quality. I have seen them listed for anywhere from $250-400 but can you really build a quality aluminum frame and carbon fork for so little even if it is "imported".

Does anyone have any first-hand experience with riding and/or building this frame?

Is it a steal at $233?

re: Van Dessel Country Road Bobctisevn
Jan 10, 2003 9:43 AM
233's a good deal. the complete bike is about 850 new. I rode one for about a year before I got my steamroller. I bought mine built as a complete bike so I cant make any build suggestions. I think its a great bike though. exceedingly well designed for a frame in that price range. I often wish I still had it. its perfect for winter commuting. its alot smoother than my surly too. odd, it being aluminum and the surly steel, but the design of the frame(s-bend stays/curves everywhere) and the carbon fork smooths it out. my only complaint was it was a touch heavy, but that had more to do with the crankset and wheels that come on it. it handles like a cyclo-x bike too. if youre going to mix it up and go off road once in awhile I cant think of a better fixie/ss at that $.