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Need a new fork(2 posts)

Need a new forkAlexx
Jan 7, 2003 12:23 PM
OK, my fine Panasonic fixie needs a fork. The frame is basically a light touring frame, and I ride with 32mm wide tires, on touring rims.
I need a fork that has the following:
Is made for 700c rims, not 27".
Has a 1" steerer, 230mm long, threaded.
Would like it to have cantilever bosses, but will settle for a caliper type fork.
Don't want it to be some big, ugly thing from a hybrid (i.e. would like shoulders on the to of the fork).
Don't want to spend an enormous amount (no carbon forks, please!)
Must not be bent!!

Does anybody have such a fork for sale? Does anybody know where I can find such a fork? Nothing on E-bay seems to be right.
re: Need a new forkfixedgearhead
Jan 7, 2003 12:37 PM
Call Jack at Franklin Frames. I was down there a few weeks ago and he had a bunch of Tange forks that he uses on his tig welded frames that he builds. That is the type of fork that was on your Panasonic when built. they have Chrome sloping crowns. Anyway the were not to much, 15-20 bucks if I remember. Tell Him, John Taylor from Fredericktown, said to call. He can ship it out UPS or whatever you want.