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Need a new fork(1 post)

Need a new forkAlexx
Jan 7, 2003 12:20 PM
OK, my fine Panasonic fixie needs a fork. The frame is basically a light touring frame, and I ride with 32mm wide tires, on touring rims.
I need a fork that has the following:
Is made for 700c rims, not 27".
Has a 1" steerer, 230mm long, threaded.
Would like it to have cantilever bosses, but will settle for a caliper type fork.
Don't want it to be some big, ugly thing from a hybrid (i.e. would like shoulders on the to of the fork).
Don't want to spend an enormous amount (no carbon forks, please!)
Must not be bent!!

Does anybody have such a fork for sale? Does anybody know where I can find such a fork? Nothing on E-bay seems to be right.