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Christmas gifts.(6 posts)

Christmas gifts.fixedgearhead
Dec 26, 2002 9:21 AM
What did everybody get, of a bicycle nature, for Christmas/Chaunkah/Kwanza presents? My lovely wife gave me some nice stuff from Kucharik clothing and a neat Messenger Bag from Courier Ware. How about everybody else?

re: Christmas gifts.Dave Hickey
Dec 26, 2002 9:49 AM
I received NOS Dura Ace 7403 brakes and 7402 levers. They are going to look great on my LOOK single speed. My LOOK is now all is decked out in period correct NOS Dura Ace Track hubs+crankset plus NOS DA brakes,levers,seatpost and headset from the early 90's.
re: Kuchariktrout_bum
Dec 26, 2002 12:07 PM
Sounds good. Was there a Kucharik wool jersey among your gifts? I've been thnking of getting one of these but I only see them online and I'm not sure about their fit.
re: Kucharikfixedgearhead
Dec 26, 2002 2:05 PM
A couple of years ago I switched over to Kucharik wool jerseys and have never gone back to Cool Max or lycra or whatever wonder material is currently in vogue. I do have 2 of those types but they are Logo specific with Cinelli on them and I wear them to show the flag, as it were. They were a gift.
I use Short sleeve in the summer and Long sleeve in the winter and they are great. Also the wool underlayer for colder rides or Craft underlayer. No more Smelly jerseys for me. Just wash them in the machine with woolite set on cold/cold and delicate cycle and let them hang dry and they are good to go the next day. They have lasted 2 years plus with that type of care and I do not see any shrinkage or discoloration. Great product. I even bought a pair of their Wool tights to wear over my long tights on those 32 degree or lower days here in Ohio. If you just use the size chart and measuring instructions on their website that should work for you. It did for me.

Not much, yet it was the best Christmas yetTig
Dec 26, 2002 12:50 PM
Being unemployed makes it tough, so my wife (she just started a new job at least) and I decided to not give each other anything this year. Instead, we concentrated on the kids. By buying things on sale and spreading the spending out over a few months, we were able to take good care of the kids. Not just toys and junk, but useful stuff like clothes (that they still loved). It turned out to be the best, most fulfilling Christmas yet. I think it was the pleasure of just giving. We managed to take get stuff for our relatives as well. No stress, no worries.

The year before we met, her kids went without that Christmas due to bad times, so they are appreciative of anything they get. I guess the pure spirit of the season was felt a little deeper this time around for us parents.

Warning, rant below:
Thanks to our wonderful county's leaders who like wagging the dog (Iraq/terrorists/Osama) to pull our attention away from a pathetic economy that they claim to be only "sluggish", people like me don't even have any jobs to choose from. I don't mind working, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep our home out of the red. No self pity here! So, now that unemployment is running out and I can't get back into my carreer field, I'll start working at some retail place like CompUSA or anyplace that's hiring. The only problem is that they don't like hiring experienced technical professionals that used to make more than the store manager! LOL They think we'll leave as soon as our careers pick back up. Well, I can't blame them since they're right! ;-)

Sorry about the non-cycling rant, but I hate how our government and press keep side stepping our failing economy out of fear of creating wide scale panic. I'll step down from my soapbox now!
Not much, yet it was the best Christmas yetfixedgearhead
Dec 26, 2002 2:11 PM
I'm glad your christmas was meaningful. Sometimes we Americans are driven by consumerism to our own demise. I hope you get a break in the near future on the job front. I understand your rant sentiments are driven by your circumstance and to a degree I agree with you. Quite possibly the economy is turning around and you will get it together . Good luck.