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Nutted Brakes - Who makes new ones?(3 posts)

Nutted Brakes - Who makes new ones?zmarke
Dec 21, 2002 7:57 AM
I have my 80s Motobecane 12-speed (made in france) with 27" wheels and long horizontal drops which I am going to convert to a single speed. I want to improve braking but do not want to spend too much money since it will be locked up on NYC streets.

I am going to switch to a drop bar with mountain or bmx style levers but wanted to know if I can improve my braking power in any way besides by just using better pads. It has the old style nutted brakes which do not seem to have much braking power compared to current brakes.

Does anyone make newer style "nutted" calipers that will perform better than the ones I have?

Is there some way to use current "recessed" brakes without much expense?

re: Nutted Brakes - Who makes new ones?fixedgearhead
Dec 21, 2002 11:13 AM
A couple of my bikes originally came with nutted brakes and what I did to adapt for the use of more modern calipers was drill the rear fork hole out to the same dimention as the recessed part of the modern recessed nut and let the larger sholder of the nut rest against the rear of the fork.The nut is then not recessed but it holds the caliper stud in place and is only just sticking out "proud" from the rear of the fork. Make sure you add some touchup paint to the area you drill out as that will tend to rust if you don't. Also make sure that your new calipers will have the proper reach that you will need to use the tires and rims that you will be using. Try to get some calipers that have a similar reach dimention as the ones you are currently using. Most of the modern calipers use short reach brakes and often times won't work in the application you are concidering. It can be done, you just have to look around. Try Harris Cyclery.
Sheldon is very knowledgable in this area and sells most of the items to accomplish what you are trying to do. Good luck.

re: Nutted Brakes - Who makes new ones?desmo
Dec 21, 2002 4:16 PM
On my 27" wheel frame I just run cool stop (sp) pads in older generic Japanese center pulls and they work great. just "tune-it" well: nice true rims with sanded brake surface, adjust the calipers nice and close with a little "toe-in", and clean cable routing. No money, good stoping, etc.