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How to get a fixed gear chain tension uniformly even?(4 posts)

How to get a fixed gear chain tension uniformly even?Oneheart
Dec 20, 2002 1:37 PM
Desiring the myth of perfection in all things fixed gear, I'm trying to get my chain tension even throughout the entire rotation of the chain ring. I read Sheldon's explanation of loosening the chainring bolts and tapping the chain when it's the tightest and this definately helped. The chain tension is now about 80-90% even. Any additional suggestions?
re: chain tension uniformly even?fixedgearhead
Dec 20, 2002 1:45 PM
It has been my experience that using Sheldons' method will get you the best results. If you are still unhappy then the only thing that could be done to achieve "perfection" would be to change the chain ring or the crank arm , or both. I think that 80-90% is as acceptable as you are going to get. Maybe in a more perfect world you could get the perfect components to achieve this ideal. I spent a lot of money on one bike's drive train trying to achieve the above ideal and finally gave up and was happy to get 80-90%.Maybe you will get lucky and achieve it. Good luck.

chain tension uniformly even?Oneheart
Dec 21, 2002 6:53 AM
Thanks for the input. Based on your experience it sounds like it's close enough. I 'll let go of further attempts and just ride...
Do it again?Humma Hah
Dec 20, 2002 3:20 PM
Well, be glad you're not running a cruiser with BMX cranks like I am. Those have a chainWHEEL instead of a chainring, and no bolt circle to hold it. The thing slips on the 1-piece crank and is held down by screwing on a bearing cone. A pin on the crank prevents rotation. Precision centering requires repeatedly installing and removing the crank, grinding the hole, and adding shims.

After repeated attempts, I've never gotten this perfect with any of my old stamped-steel chainwheels. I suspect underlying imperfections: they ain't perfectly round, or the teeth are uneven. If you're working with a damaged, lower-quality, or worn chainring, the same could be happening to you.