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Press Release:Retailer Shifts To Fixed Gear Web Sales(2 posts)

Press Release:Retailer Shifts To Fixed Gear Web Salesgregg
Dec 19, 2002 10:01 AM
DECEMBER 19, 2002 -- SAN FRANCISCO, CA --American Cyclery launched a web site devoted to track and fixed gear products. Bradley Woehl, American Cyclery's owner, said fixed gear fever is spreading across the country.

"It's really a growing trend in road cycling. The popularity of Spinning is partly behind the increase in interest as is people wishing to develop the smooth high cadence Lance uses. For a more extreme rider the rush of riding in traffic without brakes is the appeal," Woehl said.

Woehl said he expects most of his sales to be to people riding on the street rather than track. For that reason he is carrying a selection of Nitto steel road handlebars up to 46 millimeters wide and cranksets in a variety of lengths. But he does carry track-specific products, too, such as Japanese components sold mostly to racers in the professional Japanese Kerin racers.

"There are some people that feel a $600 Hatta titanium headset is a bit extreme, but for them there is the $98 stainless steel version. So much of this stuff has never been seen in this market before that I'm sure there will be interest," Woehl said. Check out the site at
Thanks Gregg. Looks great..nmDave Hickey
Dec 19, 2002 11:59 AM