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A History Lesson Please...(1 post)

A History Lesson Please...Fixie-ated
Dec 16, 2002 9:44 AM
My very first racing bike was a circa 1980 Shogun 600 with Shimano friction components. The frame is long gone, but I do have some of the components and the stock 27" wheels.

I changed the wheels early on as I wanted to convert to 700c for racing. The wheels had been laying around for 20+ years. Since in like new condition, I thought they may be perfect for a fixed gear project.

I took them out and prepared to remove the freewheel and dish them when to my suprise I discovered that instead of a freewheel, it was a cassette hub!?

What gives here, was Shimano light years ahead of its time or do I have the the remnants of a by-gone era?