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Brakes on a track bike(4 posts)

Brakes on a track bikesamuel
Dec 5, 2002 7:08 PM
I am looking to get a track bike with front and rear drillings for brakes. What type of brake will I need? A conventional road brake caliper? a long reach brake? I am confused? I have never ridden a fixed gear bike and don't know if I really need both brakes but I think I would feel safer at first with both. Who all out there rides a fixed gear bike on the road with front and rear brakes??
Dec 6, 2002 4:23 AM
I use front and rear.... it seems like im in the minority around here...but i find the rear very useful and my knees thank me.

Conventional road calipers will do. Track bikes typically have tight tolerances, so longreaches probably wont be necessary. Consult the builder to be sure...if hes drilling for brakes he should know exactly what fits.

Consider a road bike conversion if your intending to use your FG on the road. (typically) more comfortable. Comes with brakes. Cheaper; considering youve never even ridden FG, why shell out the bucks for a TB?
Use them if you canmass_biker
Dec 6, 2002 8:40 AM
The goal was to have F+R brakes on my fixed gear but to get the full fenders to work, I ended up using a drill, zipties, and the brake bridge in the rear, so I am running a front brake only. It is useful/essential on some of the steeper descents, although backpedalling seems to work in most applications around town.

re: Brakes on a track bikefixedgearhead
Dec 6, 2002 5:58 AM
Steve is right.
Start out with an older road bike that you can convert to a fixed gear bike. Track bikes are kind of skittish with their steep geometry and might be a handfull the first time out. Also if it is a true track bike It will not have the provision for brakes as they are not allowed in track racing. "track bike based bikes" like the Surley. Bianchi SE. Fuji make bikes that resemble True track bikes but have provisions for brakes. They are more of an entry level bike and might be a better choice for testing the waters. You can get one of them for conciderably less money that is complete with wheels and brakes and everything you would need for far less money than you would spend for just the Frame and forks for a good Track Specific Frame. Hope this helps.