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Want to build a Fixed Gear out of a late 1980's Trek 360(2 posts)

Want to build a Fixed Gear out of a late 1980's Trek 360Ambishawn
Dec 1, 2002 8:36 PM
Me and a freind of mine went out for a 50 mile ride along the coast on saturday. He showed up at My house with a Stock Trek 360 road bike with a rusty chain and rotted tires. We WD40'd the heck out of the chain lubed it with chain lube and replaced the rear tire and both tubes costing $40. I was drooling over this well used old trek with lugged 4130 construction, a built in seat post clamp and head badge. Most intriging were the horizontal drop outs. After a test ride of this bike that hadden't been riden for about 9 years I had to see if He would sell it to Me. He sold Me the bike for $40 to cover the parts he bought saturday. The conditions of the sale are that I keep the stock Trek 360 Paint Scheme and keep all the parts that will be removed durring the fixed gear conversion. I belive I'm gonna need a fixed gear wheel set, A pista crank set, chain and a wider handle bar with some new tape. Any suggestions on this project would be appreciated.
re: Want to build a Fixed Gear out of a late 1980's Trek 360eddie m
Dec 2, 2002 5:34 AM
All you really need is a track cog and an extrabottom bracket lockring if it has a standard freeewheel hub. A lot of Trks have Helicomatic hubs which can't accept a track cog. If you have that you will need a new hub. You can use the small chainring of the road crank, and you may or may not need to respace the rear wheel. Use a 3/32 BMX chain. Modern narrow chains are too expensive, too hard to reassemble and too failure prone to bother with on a fixed gear.