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not your average Cinelli track frame(7 posts)

not your average Cinelli track frameSpirito
Dec 1, 2002 3:32 AM
saw something pretty cool ...... (break out your german dictionary again)

1972 ? ......... fat chance. i would say sometime after Columbus bought Cinelli .......

certainly wild in style

Google translationHereford Flyer
Dec 1, 2002 5:12 AM
Don't speak German but Google did a great job of translating the items's description (not!):-

This Unikat is a Plicht for each respectable collecting tank. The framework is an absolute unique piece and was size partly hand-made built. This framework has 1972 in Denmark history written as Fried borrows with it drove. He comes from a dissolution of museum and is a safe value plant. It weighs 3100 gram. All collecting tank hearts and wheel lover hearts might now strike more highly
pity its too big for me ......Spirito
Dec 1, 2002 8:02 AM
as otherwise it would be right at home in the spirito home with my "collecting tank hearts" ????


Mid to late 80's?Dave Hickey
Dec 1, 2002 5:51 AM
I've seen a couple Cinelli track frames that were similar from the late 80's. Regardless, very cool.....
another strange track frameDave Hickey
Dec 1, 2002 6:02 AM
My back hurts just looking at it!!!
baffling ...... NmSpirito
Dec 1, 2002 8:04 AM
tank hearts should be ridden, not just hung on the wall. nmdesmo
Dec 1, 2002 8:40 AM