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Which NYC shop to build a SS or Fixed?(4 posts)

Which NYC shop to build a SS or Fixed?zmarke
Nov 19, 2002 5:59 PM
I am not sure how many NY'kers are on this new board but I am looking for recommendations concerning which shop would be the best to build my new SS and the one I will use for service (Manhattan preferred). I will have a frame, hubs, brakes, and crank but will probably need all the other parts.

I have heard that these are two shops that do a great amount of work with messengers and the Kissena Velodrome in Queens.


Emey's Bike Shop
17th Street (at 2nd Avenue)
no website

Any experiences with them?

Any other suggestions?

As always, THANKS!
re: Which NYC shop to build a SS or Fixed?derosa1
Nov 20, 2002 7:45 PM
I subscribe to a list

there is a guy there named Greg Goode who is real active in the NYC track fixed scene.......he sentout an email about late to mid august giving detailed NYC info. Go to the list web site i believe you can search the archives..
re: Many Bikes
Nov 21, 2002 9:06 AM
Check out, they sell some good stuff. I got an Olmo with Miche' track components on it. Excellent bike. Dave knows what he is talking out.
Gotham has done all the work on my fixed. (nm)onespeed
Nov 21, 2002 2:28 PM