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psst ... (a little ebay gem for you lanky dudes)(5 posts)

psst ... (a little ebay gem for you lanky dudes)Spirito
Nov 18, 2002 11:30 PM
even though this is way too big for me i was going to chase this baby and bring it here to flog on ebay for some spare x-mas coin. have too much going on and i think it would better be served perhaps finding a home with someone here and resisting the urge to be greedy ...

in a word it looks spanking

yes it on german ebay ... if you cant figure the specifics
cut and paste the url into the translator below which is mostly OK. also helpfull to translate email mesages and text if you should bag this 'rello.

i emailed the seller to check whether he would be cool to ship here ....

""cheers XXX,

yes it´s possible for me to send the frame in the USA.
If you have any idea with kind of forwarder we can use, pls let me know. I think for the normal express kuriers, the box for the frame are too big......

with best regards from germany

checked with a few who ship stuff regularly and the response is as follows

""I have shipped smaller packages to the states (~10, no problems) yet but I know that shipping a whole bicycle costs $120 with the german "Post". If the seller manages to pack the frame into a box smaller than 120x60x60cm which shouldn't be a problem, it is much cheaper. $36 if the whole package weighs less then 4kg - $44 otherwise. All this is ground shipping (can take up to 6-8 weeks) with insurance up to $500. Airmail is another $29. You can look up the details at the Post's website there's also an english version. For the seller there's no difference between shipping to the US or a european country. But he should pack the frame carefully.""

a few others mentioned that ebay seller "cyclo24" carstein is a good guy who wouldn't mind offering some quick shipping opinions as he sells quite a bit of swag that ends up stateside including bikes.
and his ebay auctions in case you may perouse some classic parts or wish to contact him to ask for shipping possibilities

most that mentioned an approx figure for close to speedy shipping suggested that $60 to $100 is a good ballpark figure for a frameset of this size well packed (this is airmail 7 - 10 days and insured for $500).

its off my watching list now - your milage may vary. of course i left the post here late so as to not attract too much attention ;-)

tread softly, carry a big stick

$64.00 with 1 day to go..........Dave Hickey
Nov 19, 2002 4:15 AM
That is sweet. Shipping should be no for than $60-80. Hell, if it goes for less than $200, who cares how much shipping is. That is beautiful. Now, if I can just find my elevator cycling shoes!
Well, it fits me but the guy has two negatives.chopper
Nov 19, 2002 1:23 PM
And the whole shipping thing sounds like a potential hassle. I'll track down a German guy at work here and email him. It is sweet though and it would be worth the trouble.
It sold for just over $200Dave Hickey
Nov 20, 2002 9:20 AM
It's amazing the price differences in Europe vs the US. That frame would have gone for over $500 here. It's the opposite of Harleys. 6 years ago, I used to export used Harleys that sold for $15K here. In Germany they were selling for $25K-30K.
I bid 220 on it and went to bed, I figured when I woke Ichopper
Nov 20, 2002 11:37 AM
wouldn't have won, but I though it would have at least garnered 300. I wondered if it was drilled for brakes?