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redishing wheel Similar to Dave Hickey's ?(2 posts)

redishing wheel Similar to Dave Hickey's ?bigrider
Nov 15, 2002 7:54 AM
I was given a 70s Motebecane with 27 inch wheels. I thought I would redish the wheels to align the chain. After removing the old five speed cog I started tightning and loosening spokes. What I did was I took the axle spacer from the drive side and moved it to the non drive side to bring the threaded part of the hub that will receive the cog straigt in line with the big chain ring.

I got everything centered ok but now the drive side spokes feel loose and the non drive side is tighter. Is this because of the angles the spokes are making with the rim are exactly opposite of the way they are configured on a normal rear wheel? The drive side always has the shorter spokes and the longer ones are on the non drive side on a normal 8/9 speed rear wheel to accomodate the width of the cogset.
yes, that's itmadstork
Nov 15, 2002 9:41 AM
To get your wheel centered, you reversed the dish because you moved the hub towards the drive side when you set your chainline on the big ring. Tightened the non drive spokes, loosened the drive spokes.

To get the drive spokes closer to the tension of the non drive spokes, you could try to line up the hub/cog with the small chainring position. By doing that, you move your hub (and rim) to the left, so you would have to tighten drive side spokes and loosen non drive spokes to center the wheel.