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Next poll - Who rides gears?(9 posts)

Next poll - Who rides gears?Steve_0
Nov 14, 2002 4:18 AM
The last poll gave us a flavor for who has what as far as FGs. So who relies soley on their FG(s)? Who rides gears also?

I have a Trek2100 (older carbon) I bought on a whim at a time when I was more foolish with money. It's now 'race' bike, used only when I'm taking a tri seriously (which is about twice a year).

BTW - my preference for single-speeding even influenced my geared bike; it's currently running 4 gears (46X12/14/16/17), with the limiting screws set accordingly,
re: Next poll - Who rides gears?Dave Hickey
Nov 14, 2002 6:23 AM
My multi-geared bikes get less and less time. Of the 4,000+ miles this year, less than 1000 miles have been on my multi-geared bikes. When I feel lazy or in very strong winds, I'll ride my multi-geared bikes.
You mean who rides multiple gears?MB1
Nov 14, 2002 7:00 AM
This year I have about 2000 miles fixed, 3000 miles SS, 1000 miles on our tandem, 8000 on my cyclocrosser, 1000 miles on my GT Edge Ti and 500 miles on my ATB. Miss M is about the same plus 10%.

Lots of dirt miles on all my bikes (even fixed-a whole lot of dirty fun). I run really wide gear ranges on all my gearies, something like 30/42/52 with a 12-32 or 12-34 (if you are going to have gears you might as well have lots of them).
re: Next poll - Who rides gears?madstork
Nov 14, 2002 7:05 AM
Oh yeah, I ride gears - Landshark road and Trek mtb. Just started with this FG/SS thing. Probably put in more and more miles with it over the winter as compared to the geared bikes. Too much fun to leave it in the garage!
I still need (some of) themLC
Nov 14, 2002 9:16 AM
My routes are somewhat restricted without gears. I got hills of more than 21% (that's what the street signs say.) If I set up a fixe to handle such steep hills it would be too low the rest of the time.

I am started a new project bike which was influenced by my SS. I got rid of my front deraileur and will go with one chainring, maybe a 50T or 42T? Throw out the STI shifters and have one downtube right friction shifter. The cassette will be like a 11-28 to handle just about any terrain. I have not ridden it yet, but I have a feeling I will be less likely to shift as often as if I had STI. Certainly simplified things and cut some weight too. Also allows me to set up some strange handlebar/brake combinations like sawed off drop handlebar mounted upside down with brakes levers running parallel to the ground.
Just a little ...Humma Hah
Nov 14, 2002 2:45 PM
I've ridden the 3x7 MTB maybe 200 miles this year, mostly while I was repairing the SS. At the moment I've got it loaned out to the cute French intern (its worth it just to watch her riding it). I normally ride it pseudo-SS, using it as an experimental platform for trying out gearing.

During the first few months I owned the 3x7, I tried using gears the way the "experts" recommended, and found my muscles were atrophying noticably. After two months, I could no longer climb in the higher gears like I could when I got it.

And I ride my wife's old Higgins 3-speed occasionally, maybe 10 miles so far this year.
Always have, always will...Tig
Nov 14, 2002 3:37 PM
...but riding fixed on the road for the first time lately, I have to say I'll be riding my derailleured bikes less in the future. I'm fast becoming addicted to single speed riding!

When I had a track bike, I only used it for the local Friday night races. I'll always use the Merckx Fuga 18-speed on the road for super fast group rides and racing, but less for other type rides like solo and slower group riding. I'll admit I really do love riding a quality road race bike. I only ride MTB when my Dad is in town and wants to go play on the trails. Maybe a single speed MTB will change that!

Hummma Hah should like this "not leaning against kitchen cabnets" photo! (proped it against a small dowel stuck in the ground)
Me too.look271
Nov 14, 2002 7:11 PM
It would be insane to ride a fixed gear around here all of the time. That said, I am really liking riding the fixed. It is just so simple, quiet, and surprisingly fast, not to mention fun.
re: Next poll - Who rides gears?fixedgearhead
Dec 4, 2002 5:33 PM
I am in the process of converting my last geared bike over to fixed. A late model Cinelli Super Corsa. When I get done with it, it will be set up as a TT/fixed gear bike ala English road time trials. All my other bikes (7) are various types of fixed gear or single speed bikes. No more gears for me.

one gear in front
one gear in back
What don't you understand.