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Six and a half percent bodyfat and 188lbs(1 post)

Six and a half percent bodyfat and 188lbsBreakfast
Feb 5, 2004 7:48 AM
I've been focused on training through the winter with weights, base miles, plyometrics, yoga, MTB, and endurance hikes in the mountains and it's paying off.

I started at 195lbs and probably 11% bodyfat plus or minus 2% and after the first road race of the season I had my bodyfat tested after noticing paper-thin skinfolds around my midsection. My waist went from 34" to 32" in the last month. The method used for BF testing is a four-site skinfold test by an experienced technician. Now I'm 6-7% body fat and 188lbs.

I plan to do well in the 40+ Masters and race even more body weight off while staying lean. I think I'll get to 180lbs and 5-6% bodyfat for the peak part of the racing season at 5' 10" in height.

Nutritionally, I eat a high carbohydrate diet and focus on replenishing carbohydrate immediately after training. There's nothing I really avoid but I try to keep very moderate in my intake of anything and include meats, dairy, breads, fruits and vegetables. No Supplements!, they're unnecessary.

Personally, I feel the intensity of the training and the building of strength and muscle mass during this season are responsible for the good changes I'm seeing.