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Where to get tubs(6 posts)

Where to get tubsdreww
Jan 26, 2004 12:44 PM
O.K thanks guys, got an idea of what tubbies to use, now where to get em from?
I e-mailed bici-imports, will see what they can offer (no mention of CX tubs on their site though). atpjunkie, where did you get TUFO's for $40 a pair, thats a real good deal.

Thanks again fellas

re: Where to get tubsatpjunkie
Jan 26, 2004 1:18 PM
was an end of season super blow out (28's only and all gone). T-30 and 34's were going for 30 each (60 a pair) while elits were $55 each I think. The guy who sells them out here is the west coast Morati/Tufo rep. and he may have some left but I probably won't see him. I'll talk to MShaw and see if he and/or I can contact. since season is over he may have very little left.
re: Where to get tubsdreww
Jan 27, 2004 11:02 AM
Thanks man, I appreciate it

re: Where to get tubsMShaw
Jan 27, 2004 5:58 PM
If you REALLY need them, you can have the ones I got for $40 plus shipping. They're the T28 Tufos. Not the best tire out there, but at $20/ea. they go on straight, are reasonably light, etc.

I can probably chase down the guy that I got them from and get more...

I believe Excel Sports also sells cross tubies, but I haven't looked lately.

re: Where to get tubsdreww
Jan 28, 2004 5:51 AM
Thanks Mike, I wouldnt want to put you out so I will keep looking around. Not as if I need em this week or anything (5 C and 6" of snow etc) let me know if your guy can come up with any when you get a chance.

Cheers Drew
re: Where to get tubsMShaw
Jan 28, 2004 10:58 AM
The 28s are going to be race tires for next season. If you're going to ride them before then, you're welcome to them.

Email me off the board and we can talk more.

Mike (but ya gotta replace the TWO with 2 to reply)